People wonder if human behavior is caused by heredity, or is it influenced by hormones that are released in the body. Researchers have recently began turning their attention to the cohesion of genes and behavior. Their investigations seem to follow in the direction that human behavior is the result of genetics which are a direct result of human heredity. This is believed to be the major issue of physical behavior as well as appearance that is passed from generations to the next. However, some scientists feel that the connection between human behavior and genetics seems to be too simplistic for complex human behavior.

Heredity is the transmission of genetic characters from parents to offspring. They play a role in creating the structures involved in hormone secretion. Heredity plays a major part in how well your body can perform these functions, which influence behavior. It dictates the possibility of the range of hormones and levels we may have in our life, but hormones are what dictate things like our moods, puberty, depression, and anxiety.

Hormones arre as various internally secreted compounds, like insulin, formed in endocrine glands, that affect the functions of specifically receptive organs or tissues when transported to them by the body fluids. This is how the brain controls and maintains body functions, including the physical responses we know as emotion. Emotion is a large part in human behavior. Other parts of human behavior are types thought processes, like judgment, memory, and imagination.

A person's genes are what gives them personalized characteristics, which are known are genetics. Genes have an effect on behavior development but it takes more than a one gene to affect the way a person behaves. Behaviors are complex and involve various genes among many other factors. The environment of the individual can also have a great impact on personality.

There are fields of science that study heredity of human behavior. Behavioral genetics is the study of how genetics are influenced by the environment of the individual. It looks at individuals and their behavior along with the behavior of societies, groups, and cultures, and processes which can contribute to specific behaviors. Another field of science that studies heredity of human behavior is Evolutionary psychology. Evolutionary psychology is the science of why humans behave the way that they do. There are articles that explains that the science's effort to find the common roots of our inherited behavior and common behavioral roots are clearly visible today between different cultures.

I feel that our genetics passed through heritage are no doubt a very influential part of everyone's life; however I also feel that there is definitely room for people to grow and mature on their own or even fail as individuals. This may be a factor of environment that has a great influence on individuals as well. It would be very hard to distinguish which personality traits are those of heredity and which of those are environmentally influenced. Some like physical traits would be easier to place than that of behavioral traits.