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Horoscope signs reveal the most natural approaches that zodiac natives usually take to achieve a goal. Working with the law of attraction can be challenging if you're going against your own nature to manifest a desired thing. Identifying the aspects of the zodiac sign you're born under which resonate with you can turn previously lackluster thoughtforms into outstanding manifestations.



You're a go-getter. You need to be moving, and you're a natural pioneer. Your planning could use a little work, though. Take a moment from your many adventures to accurately identify what you're after and the actionable routes you'll require to manifest it. Speak re-patterning affirmations while you're showering, doing dishes, or taking care of other routine business. Make it a habit that becomes automatic. When you begin to notice the early stalks of your thought seeds manifesting in your life, take decisive action that helps them through. The key word here is decisive. You can have impulsivity issues if you're not careful. When working with the law of attraction flesh out a game-plan whenever you take a few steps forward toward your goal.



You're one of the horoscope signs that can set your mind to something and keep it there. It's an admirable quality and one you can use to your maximum benefit. Utilize your earthy qualities by identifying the aspects of your belief-system that need to be re-seeded. If you're needing to work on issues with possessiveness, utilize affirmations that help you to condition a less suffocating style of appreciation for those you love. You can also utilize a vision board with butterflies, dolphins, and other carefree totemic animals to this end. You're a sensuous, earthy, and powerful force. Pour your significant care into matters of long-lasting value to trigger the passion needed for best law of attraction results.



As the first air sign in the zodiac, you are a born taste-tester. This can work very well for law of attraction endeavors that involve your desire to adventure in possibilities without having to immerse yourself too deeply. Attachment is not something you tend to seek, and this is advantageous when working with the law of attraction. Working with affirmations that end in “... or something better” is in perfect harmony with your sensibilities. Maximize your desire to engage in regular spontaneity, and you'll have much to celebrate when a myriad of choices manifest to delight your curious nature.



Horoscope signs of the water element, like your sign of the scarab (the original totem for this state of reason), interact with the world from subterranean depths. You see things that escape the intuitions and general senses of most. Utilize your ample intuition to determine the best routes for your manifested desires. Work with your receptivity to ensure you're allowing yourself all that you truly deserve. Individuals with scarab-born mindstates can fall into a tendency to over-nurture others at the expense of themselves. Be ever-mindful of this so the universe doesn't have to give you harsh lessons that eventually frustrate you into demanding better treatment. Matters that involve your home-base, possessions, nostalgia, investments, partner, and children will ignite your fire for the fueling of successful manifestations.



Of all the horoscope signs, you're the one with royal sensibility. You're easily the life of the party, family unit, and dramatic production, and probably quite good when it comes to speculation as well. Your winning smile and put your best-foot-forward presentation go a long way in attracting you the attention your love of the lime-light craves. The best law of attraction approach for your thoughtforms is to incorporate a social element. Involve others in group manifesting operations of which you're the center. Many minds can accomplish a great deal, and it's a sure thing they'll be glad to have you leading the way.



You're meticulous approach to analysis and organizing ensures you'll prevail in law of attraction techniques that are highly methodical. Lists, exact numbers of chants/mantras, particular yoga positions associated with pin-pointed vibrational states, and habit-formation (potent) are all within the scope of your law of attraction style's reach. Be wary of over-analyzing matters when you're setting an intention, however. Set an intention, and let it fly free. Immediately focus on another goal after that to keep your mind out of the loop of checks and balances you have a tendency to travel. You prevail at law of attraction methods that call on your steadfast, earthy qualities and superior organization skills.



You're a born socialite with a natural eye and feel for high-quality aesthetic. Your law of attraction style is a magnetic one. If you're crafty, work with symbolism in your arts that you can look upon regularly to further seed the thought configurations of your choosing. If not, look for the artworks of others that contain symbolisms that best represent what you're manifesting into your life experience. Consider listening to songs that have messages in line with your goals. Arts of many forms can reach your psyche (where you connect with your magik) in very powerful ways.



Your laser-focus and fixed-intensity are made for achieving goals. Be sure that your goals have a pure root, however. Your power can be formidable, but it is best focused on aims that are healthy for you. Your fixed nature can cause you to obsess over things that you're off better letting go of. Obsession is also the antithesis to the law of attraction's detachment requirement. Once an intention is set, the “need” aspect should be abandoned. The goal should be allowed to fly away and return fully manifested. You're one of the most focused signs in the zodiac. Fix your power-nature upon success when you're establishing law of attraction patterns, and you can expect nothing short of that to manifest.



Your expansive approach to life makes you a shoe-in for law of attraction operations that require huge leaps of faith. Search your heart for those hopes and desires that are largely-scaled, and you will wow yourself with the positive thoughtforms you manifest. Use your high-intelligence to locate the best paths for your ventures, and relish them as quests (your sign's vibration tends to place high value on quests). Keep your eyes open also for those in your rather large social network who would make worthy partners in the manifestations of practical goals. Your jovial nature wins you many friends and admirers who would love to help you send arrow-to-target.



There's more to you than a no-nonsense nature. You may well be the hardest working sign in the zodiac, but you're also a dreamer to your depths. Your law of attraction style asks that you to employ repetition to build a formidable stronghold around your belief system. Once you're able to seed a framework (like the bones your sign rules), it will be strong and enduring (as you accept nothing less from your work or the offerings of others that are meant to impart deep value). Repeated affirmations and actions that follow well-organized plans of action will win you incredibly powerful manifestations. Your sign's vibration can seed ultimate failure or major-levels of worldly success.



The last of the horoscope signs that fly the air element, Aquarius keeps a vessel of water in her/his possession. The symbolism of this points to the ability of the Aquarian state of consciousness to connect the air and water realm while still maintaining a sense of reason. The gift here is intuition (with potential to be prophetically so) and the quality of detachment that allows one to “feel” without “getting sucked into” feeling states. Your law of attraction style is one of harmony between individual and collective order. You're a true philanthropist with an interest in how matters affect groups of beings. Your genius talents with developing and refining systems make it possible for you to create optimal patterns of thought that can re-seed your belief base at very deep levels and make a potent impact on your manifest world experience.



You are one with the dream realm, having the proverbial foot in both worlds. Your law of attraction style is dreamtime-passivity. Couple your fantastical imagination with your magnetism, and allow yourself to receive the good of your vibrational thoughtforms. Your ability to imagine possibilities only some show the ability to conjure up is a formidable tool in manifesting operations. Pay distinct heed to your intuitions as well. Your feelings can light up the path to your desires quite easily if you're open to the truth and avoid deluding yourself. Vision boards, symbolic dance, and play-acting are all activities that are in distinct alignment with your law of attraction style. Horoscope signs based in the water element also do well with intentional receptivity. If you've had trouble being too receptive or not receptive enough, find creative ways to create a receptivity habit that communicates the ability to “accept the good” into your profound psyche.