Watching a horror movie at home on a rainy night in October is a perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit. While all films from this genre are not created equally, here is a list of a few that will keep you entertained.

Halloween (1978)


HalloweenCredit: Google HalloweenCredit: Google

In 1978, John Carpenter directed this film that told the story of crazed killer, Michael Myers. At age six,on Halloween night, Myers killed his sister with a butcher’s knife. After fifteen years of being locked away in a mental institution, he escapes and stalks a teenaged girl named Laurie Strode and her friends on the night of Halloween. Michael’s psychiatrist, Doctor Sam Loomis, chases him through the streets in hopes of catching him before he kills again.

Reasons to check it out : Witness Jamie Lee Curtis in her first on screen role. The film does not depend on gore to deliver a scare. In addition,  it has a simple but chilling music score.

Halloween 2 (1981)

Halloween 2Credit: Google

Halloween 2Credit: Google

The second installment picks up directly where the first left off. Laurie is rushed to the hospital after Michael attempts to kill her in the climax of Halloween one. While Doctor Loomis continues to search for his patient in town. Michael has made to his way to the hospital where Laurie is being treated. Majority of part two takes places in the hospital.

Why it is worth a view : The film answers most of the questions created by the first.

Child’s Play (1988)
Child's PlayCredit: Google

Child's PlayCredit: Google

Child PlayCredit: Google

Perhaps there is nothing more scarier than a doll that kills. Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer known as the lakeshore strangler, is severely wounded in a shoot out with police in the opening minutes of the film. Through the help of voodoo, Ray transfers his soul into the body of a doll in order to escape death. The next day the exact doll is given to Andy Barclay as a birthday present. It does not take long for Ray to reveal his true identity to Andy and start killing again.

Reason to view : To see a doll curse and kill.

Friday the 13th (1980)

Friday the 13thCredit: Google

Take a trip to camp crystal lake, where you can enjoy great summertime activities and run for your life. While at camp years prior a young boy named Jason drowns due to the neglect of camp counselors. After Jason dies the camp closes, however twenty one years after, the camp is set to reopen. While counselors prepare for the reopening, someone begins to kill them off one by one.

Reason to see this movie : To solve the mystery of who is doing the killings.

Jason Lives : Friday the 13th part 6 (1986)

Friday the 13th part 6Credit: Google

After being killed off in a pervious installment of the franchise, Jason is brought back to life by the shock of a lighting bolt. Now a more powerful and supernatural zombie, Jason continues to kill anyone he finds near Crystal lake.

Reasons to view : It is the first time viewers are introduced to zombie Jason. The soundtrack adds an extra thrill to the onscreen action. There is outstanding screen direction compared to the other installments in the franchise. Jason is focused on more and has certain screens to himself.


Rosemary’s Baby (1968)


Rosemary's babyCredit: Google Rosemary's babyCredit: Gogole

Director Roman Polanski turned the best selling novel with the same name, into a feature film in 1968. When a young couple moves into a apartment building, they begin to realize that they are surround by strange neighbors. Rosemary becomes mysteriously pregnant and thinks that her husband has made an unholy deal with the neighbors in order to further his acting career.

Reason to watch: This movie depends on mystery and your imagination to deliver a scare.


The Exorcist (1973)

The ExorcistCredit: Google

Also adapted from a novel with the same name, this film came to theaters in 1973. A twelve year old girl is possessed by an evil force, her mother seeks the help of priests to get her daughter back.

Reasons to watch : Considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time.

The Shining (1980)

 The ShiningCredit: Google

The ShiningCredit: Google


The ShiningCredit: Google

 Yet again here is another screen adaptation of a popular novel with the same name. Written and directed by Stanley Kubrick, the film follows Jack Torrance and his family as they take on the responsible of looking after a hotel during its, off season. His psychic son Danny, see horrible images of the past and present in the hotel, while Mr. Torrance is encouraged to kill his family by ghost in the hotel.

Reasons to watch: The cast delivers an excellent performance. The film does not depend on silly jump scares to frighten the audience.


Final Destination (2000)

Final DestinationCredit: Google

Final DestinationCredit: Google

A teenage boy gets a horrible vision of a plane accident while on route to Paris with class members. He and a few others cheat death and get off the doomed plane only to have death hunt them down one by one after.

Reasons to watch : The killer in this movie is an invisible force. The characters are killed in ways that can be considered accidents.