Horse jewelry has always intrigued people from way back the ancient times up to the present. Families all over the world, in one way or another, have had a horse jewelry may it be in the form of a gold horse jewelry, hair horse jewelry, silver horse, horse ring jewelry, or even diamond horse jewelry. It may have been passed on from generation to generation as an heirloom or keepsake for it symbolizes a lot of things or important events in one's life.

The horse or equestrian design in an accessory or jewelry exudes one's personality. Horse jewelry represents and symbolizes the horse's distinct and noteworthy traits, strength, nobility, and grace. A piece of horse jewelry is also like the animal it represents. As what our ancestors believe, a wild horse chooses its owner. The same goes with horse jewelry, there's a special and unique piece that can match, fit, and exude one's inner "horse". Horse jewelry makers and craftsmen pour their heart to create unique and specially designed horse jewelry pieces to express the symbol's deeper meaning.

Horses symbolize grace. The perfect piece of horse jewelry that manifests this trait is diamond horse jewelry. The diamond has been an iconic symbol for elegance and class which perfectly fits with the equestrian design.

Horses symbolize strength. Any kind of horse jewelry is usually given as a gift to celebrate one's strong, independent, and free-spirited nature. For some women, horse jewelry is like a visual expression of their independence. Horse or equestrian designs can be seen in women's brooches, hair pins, or pendants for necklaces. As for some men, a piece of horse jewelry exudes their strength, as what a horse, particularly a stallion, represents.

Another trait that horses symbolize is nobility. It can also be noted that in the Middle Ages, knights ride in horses and have their shields engraved with symbolic equestrian symbols while ordinary people or peasants just walk and just have spears and make-shift shields. People of high ranking or honor are often revered and acknowledged with horse jewelry particularly that of a gold medallion or brooch, usually engraved with a horse's head. Horse ring jewelry is also often awarded as a sign of nobility or higher social class.

Wearing or possessing a horse jewelry is a visual expression of one's inner emotions and characteristics, being a "horse", in one way or another, graceful, strong, independent, free-spirited, and noble.