If you're new to horseback riding, you may get overwhelmed with all the different products when shopping for horse riding clothes. When you walk into a local store you will find helmets, gloves, shirts, vests, jackets, breeches, boots and more! How do you know where to start?

It may be easier than you think. Simply put, unless you plan on competing, there are two main styles of horse riding clothes you should consider – English and Western. English styles are the ones seen at dressage competitions, jumping competitions and polo games. If this look is appealing to you then you should select English horse riding clothes when you are shopping.

You should look for the following:

Black riding helmet

Hair bow

Polo shirt or quilted riding vest with a shirt

Leather riding gloves

English riding breeches

Black riding boots

When selecting your riding helmet, choose one that is ASTM S-1163-04a/SEI certified for safety. Hair is often worn in a chignon at the nape of the neck below the helmet with a hair bow. Traditionally breeches are found in a khaki color however other colors are also acceptable if that fits your style. Breeches should be worn tight-fitting. When choosing your boots look for ones with zippers so that they are easy to take on and off. Investing in high quality boots will save you money in the long run as cheap boots will need to be replaced frequently.

Western horse riding clothes are worn at western horse shows, county fairs, rodeos and barrel racing competitions. If you enjoy bright, vibrant colors and patterns this is the style for you!

When shopping you should look for:

Western hat

Leather riding gloves

Western shirt



Western boots

Traditionally hair is worn in a low braid or ponytail at the nape of the neck. Western boots with hard heels will keep your foot from slipping too far through the stirrup and getting caught.

If you are just starting out, limiting yourself to these two styles will help simplify the process. Once you know which style you prefer begin by looking online to see what styles you like. Designs for both English and Western horse riding clothes can vary depending on the designer. Finding the right look for you could be just a click away!