Some people get scared and frightened even thinking about death or dying. But I had to live it; it's something I never thought I'd have to face when I had to care for my terminally ill husband. It's not an easy subject for me, but everyone has to face the subject of dying at some point in their life. This is where my life changed, after being a wife for 33 years, I now had to become a caretaker and it wasn't always the easiest. But when we had to have hospice, they were of great help and were there when we needed them most.

Hospice is professionally trained, they helped with pain management a lot, and as this was something he dealt with greatly trying new and different medications along the way. They are also there for spiritual as well as social support. They are there to help the whole family deal with issues. He was also able to get whatever medications he needed for his care without any concerns, the focus was on caring, not curing, making the patient comfortable.

Hospice is available to anyone regardless of finances, illness, culture, age, and gender. The prognosis is 6 months or less, and not seeking out a cure. The patient has to have a referral, and then they bring in a hospice team to evaluate the needs of the patient and treatment. They worked with me as a caretaker learning what to do. From the beginning, when entering hospice caseload for the critically ill patient, there is nothing that you have to buy as everything is fully supplied. They were always on call anytime day or night even for the simplest questions even to check medication at unusual hours.

What was so convenient to us is the fact we never had to go anywhere? It was a blessing because it was hard to move him. He received care at home with nurses coming to our home daily, and the doctor even made a home visit too. Hospice services are available everywhere, just talk to your medical professionals about it. Most insurance will pay for Hospice care. We are very thankful for the help we received when we needed it; they always knew what to do.