Instruments doctors use everyday.

Many doctors use machines that we have not even heard of unless we have spent an exorbitant amount of time in the hospital. Many of the machines we see, hear about, or are used on us can be very confusing. We probably do not even know what any of them are used for.

These machines can also be deemed essential doctor's tools. While general practitioners often stick with hand-held instruments, hospitals, surgeons, and specialist's machines are often large expensive machines.

One of the most common doctor's machines is a defibrillator. Often found in the form of an AED, automated external defibrillator, outside of the hospital, the defibrillator is used to stimulate the blood flow in the event of cardiac arrest. Often, this is the advanced alternative solution to CPR.

An EKG machine is another essential hospital machine. Also called an ECG or electrocardiogram, this machine is used to measure the electric activity of the heart over a certain period of time. These machines are very valuable in observing and catching any abnormalities or weaknesses in the heart's rhythm.

MRI machines, or magnetic resource imaging machines, are often very crucial in hospitals. This technology allows 3-D visuals of the internal structure of the body. These scans are very important in diagnosing and determining the severity of a situation.

Another image monitoring device that we have all heard of is an ultrasound. Often used to check vital signs of fetuses, they can also be very beneficial tools for any region of the body. They are also used to check thyroid glands, as well as checking blood vessels and determining the health of the cardiac system.

Finally, a commonly used tool that many people underestimate is the patient monitor. These machines are used to monitor vital signs of the patient during many phases of their stay at the hospital. During surgeries and overnight, patients are often hooked up to these machines, as there are fewer ways to estimate their vital signs during these times. Though it is not quite as expensive as some of the other machines like a fancy refurbished autoclave, this one can literally be the one-second warning between life and death.