Add some black lights, neon paint, and a bunch of friends, and you have put a fun spin on the traditional party!

This type of party works the best when held inside a house, barn, or an event tent, as you will need to hang stuff up and be in a dark environment.

Here is a list of Supplies you will need:

Neon and/or black light paint

Brushes and sponges

A lot of black trash bags

Tacks or nails



Any other desired party lights (strobe, disco ball, rotating lights, etc.)

Stereo with preferred music

Also make up whatever party food you would like to serve, since it will be darker, its best to serve finger foods that don't require plates or bowls.

Start by cutting the black trash bags open and hanging them up over the walls, either with tacks, tape, or nails. This way you do not get any neon paint or other stains on your walls, furniture, carpet, etc. You can also hang some from the ceiling where your entrance is, so that your guests can walk into a light room, while the party room stays dark.

Now you need to place your black lights in the desired locations, avoid the ground and try to hang them or sit them up somewhere high and face them down. You don't want anyone stepping on these or breaking the black lights!! You can also get high-power black lights bulbs that screw into your existing light fixtures, and can easily be taken out after the party. In addition to those bulbs, you can purchase black light tubes in various lengths; they look like black fluorescent bulbs.

Next you need to get your neon or black light paints out. Make signs that label the way out, and where the bathroom is, and if you want to make any other signs you can and then hang those up as well. To create a fun effect on your "walls" fling your paint at the black trash bags with your brushes or sponges, this will create a splatter effect. You could paint your own masterpiece if you wanted to!!! Keep in mind that any paint visible will light up like a neon sign when you have the black lights on!!!

Now that your party room is ready, you can prepare for guests. Tell them to wear an old white or black shirt. This is where the highlighters come in, they glow under the black light, so everyone can draw on each other!! (Make sure to get non-toxic highlighters!!) You can also keep the paints available so that guests can paint on each other as well.

You are all set!! Just add some of your favorite dance music (techno works well with this theme), and have a great time with your friends!!!

Here are some additional ideas:

Send out invitations with neon accents on black paper.

If you are in an old barn or building, and can paint directly on the walls, do it!! It makes it easier.

Have everyone wear glow sticks, or bring them.

Get decorations like a plastic chandelier, or glasses that glow under the black light!

And remember to be safe!