A great way to create a practically new wardrobe without spending a dime

Clothing swap parties are a great way to re-invent your wardrobe without spending a dime. Swapping clothes with other girlfriends is a great way to go green and recycle your gently used clothing. There are a number of ways to host your own clothing swap party, but below are a few tips and suggestions on how to throw a successful party. 

Plan in Advance and Send out Invitations

First you have to decide who and how many people you would like to invite. Try not to invite too many people, so everyone has plenty of room to walk around and "shop". Pick a day and time that adheres to everyone's schedule. Think about the guests you are going to invite, and try to choose groups of people with similar sizes so everyone can be included in the clothing swap. Try not to invite the majority of the people who are a size 4 and only one girl who is a size 10. Change it up and make sure there are at least two girls of each size. Make invitations and try to send them out at least 2-3 weeks in advance so everyone has a chance to prepare and go through their wardrobes. Decide ahead of time if you are going to serve food, snacks, or make it a potluck and include this on the invitation. 

Setting up your Space 

Clothing Swap Party

Create an environment that mimics a shopping experience. You can hang a clothing line in your home to hang garments or even rent or purchase a garment rack. Curtain Rods can also double as a space to hang things up. Designate a changing area to try clothes on. Put full length mirrors on display through out the room. Clear tables and other surfaces to display accessories. Set up different areas for tops, pants, skirts, shoes, etc. 

Creating Rules for the Party

Do you want to create a minimum amount of pieces for each person to bring? If you do, include this on your invitation. Make sure the party goers only arrive with pieces from their wardrobe they are 100% willing to let go of. Decide what sort of quality you would like the garments/accessories to be in (i.e. free of stains, clean, no holes, no rips, etc). It's a good idea to have the party goers arrive at least an hour before the "swap" begins, to everything can be organized. Also, if someone brings 6 items make it a rule that they can only leave with 6 items, but don't make it too strict. Ultimately, you want everyone to leave happy. Make sure that whichever rules you decide on, that all attendees are completely aware of them. 

The Actual Party

Clothing Swap Party

Crank up the music. Make it fun. If you are going to have food, make sure it is simple and not messy. The last thing you want is food or drinks spilling on all the great new clothing items. If you find a point in the party when things aren't going smoothly or people aren't paying attention to certain articles of clothing, show certain items off, encourage other party guests to try on items that they normally wouldn't be attracted to. 

Leftover Clothes/Accessories

Before the actual party, choose a particular charity that will receive the leftover garments that everyone brought over. Make the guests aware that whatever is left over will be donated to charity and which charity the clothing will be donated to. Goodwill and Salvation Army are always taking clothing donations.