Hosta Abiqua Blue Shield is a large Hosta plant. The leaves of this plant are very upright in their growth habit. This plant grows to 22 inches high and has a spread that can reach 50 inches across. Abiqua blue Shield will need to be placed in a large garden.

Abiqua Blue Shield Hosta is a shade plant. It should be planted in a spot that gets as little sun as possible. Although this Hosta variety has thick leaves it is not slug resistant. Hosta Abiqua Blue Shield has leaves which are 13 inches long by 10 inches wide. The leaves are heart-shaped and they have good texture.

The unique upright growth habit of this plant enables the gardener to under plant with small plants that also need shade. This can give the garden a lush and layered appearance.

Blue Shield Hosta is a hybrid of Hosta sieboldiana which is a very popular and prolific species of Hosta. Many of the Abiqua Hostas come from Hosta sieboldiana.

The leaves of this plant are blue (did you guess by the name?) and the flowers are white. The flowers are bell-shaped and bloom throughout July.

The seed of Hosta Abiqua Blue Shield is viable but should not be used to create additional plants of this type. The seed will not come true, but it can be exciting to plant a Hosta seed to see what you end up with. If you want to propagate Abiqua Blue Shield it should be done via division. Division can create many new plants.

A large clump, or several clumps, of Hosta Abiqua Blue Shield makes quite a statement in the garden. This is a tough plant that can withstand most conditions. The only two requirements are shade and regular watering.

Good soil and fertilizer will make the plant healthier, but it will do pretty well even in the leanest of soils. Adding organic material will also improve the environment of this plant and help it to do even better in the garden.