The cultivar Hosta August Moon is a nice large shade plant. It will grow to about 20in tall by 30in wide so it is a reasonably large hosta. It is a great hosta plant to add to your collection or garden. It is easy to grow and doesn’t have any care issues to worry about. It is actually a bit more forgiving than some other hosta varieties.

The coloration of this plant starts out a bright green and changes to a more golden green (or harvest green) as the season progresses. August Moon has crinkled, heart-shaped, cupped, and large leaves so it will definitely stand out in the garden.

This Hosta can stand full sun but does not require it. It can be planted in a shady bed or a partly shady bed and do equally well. Follow the general Hosta requirements and this plant will be very happy in your shade garden. It is one of the few hosta plants that can be planted in a sunny garden bed and not have any problems occur from the placement. Hostas like lots of water, well drained soil, and fertilizer 4x per year. They're pretty easy to keep happy.

The coloration of this hosta plant is subdued enough so that it can be used to set off other plants as a backdrop or it can stand on its own in a smaller bed devoted to hostas. This perennial can be grown with pretty much every plant that can handle the water requirements that Hosta’s demand.

Hosta August Moon is a sport of Sieboldiana Hosta and has many cultivars to its credit some include Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans and Hosta Sieboldiana Frances Williams. Some sports of August Moon include Abiqua Moonbeam, August Beauty, Indiana Knight, Lunar Orbit, and Lunar Eclipse. All of these shade plants have their attractive qualities so see if you can find some photos to determine just what else you will need to get.

This hosta is reasonably priced but can be hard to find some years. It just depends on how much people hear about it and how many people decide that they have to get it. I've never seen it at a nursery, but I only shop at a couple of local nurseries. The rest of my plant purchases are done online.

Propagation is as easy as most other hostas simply divide and replant the young plants. Give the young plants plenty of water until they are well established. Hostas are known to self sow on occasion but don’t expect the seedlings to look like the parent plant. They may be more attractive or less attractive but they will almost certainly be different from the parent plant that you got the seed from.

It would be hard to go wrong with Hosta August Moon as it is a great all around Hosta plant. It has good color, good form, easy care, and plays nice with its neighbors.  Good companions include Heuchera and Aucuba japonica.

Sports of Hosta 'August Moon'

Hosta Abiqua Moonbeam
Hosta August Beauty
Hosta August Moon Green
Hosta Carolina Moon
Hosta Carol's August Halo
Hosta Crystal Moon
Hosta Dark Moon
Hosta Dianne
Hosta First Moon
Hosta Indiana Knight
Hosta Lunar Eclipse
Hosta Lunar Orbit
Hosta Kiwi Kaniere Gold
Hosta Kiwi Sunlover
Hosta September Sun
Hosta September Surprise
Hosta Watermark