One of the best and most popular blue hostas around Hosta Big Daddy is a large, striking accent plant for the shady garden. This is a plant that is a variegated version of the ever popular Hosta sieboldiana Elegans but is a newer and more attractive variety.

Plant and Leaf Size

This hosta is a large plant that easily grows to 2 foot high and 3 foot wide but you should expect it to get larger than the plant tag or garden catalogue claims. It is also a fast growing perennial that will quickly fill the area that is assigned to it and often will grow beyond the area that it is intended to stay within. Most gardeners don't mind because of the good looking nature of this plant. The leaves of Big Daddy are 11 inches long and 9 inches wide.

Leaf Color and Details

Hosta Big Daddy has an interesting look to its large green/blue leaves because they have a yellowish center. If this plant is in your garden and you have visitors exploring they will normally want to stroke the leaves to see how they feel. This can give a garden an additional bit of charm. Having garden plants that are more than just attractive but encouraging interaction between the plants and the people looking at them will help to bring your shade garden to another level. The strongly textured leaves have a quilted appearance and are slightly cupped.

Flower Color and Details

Big Daddy has white flowers that bloom from July to August. The flowers are bell shaped and are 32 inches high. The seed is fertile but will not come true to type.

Planting and Plant Care

Hostas should be planted in soil that is amended with compost. They like fertile soil and occasional doses of fertilizer. Plant Big Daddy so that the crown of the plant is at ground level. Planting too deep can cause crown rot, and planting too shallow can cause the plant to dry out between watering. Regular watering is important to Hostas, but don't over water. Well drained soil is a must to prevent crown rot. Give this plant enough space so that when it is mature it is not crowded by its neighbors.


All Hosta plants can be propagated by division. They are easy to divide. Dig up the plant in early spring, divide it into several clumps, and replant. Water the young plants regularly until they have established a good root system.


This hosta plant is a cross between the species Hosta Sieboldiana and Hosta Tokudama. Sieboldiana are known for their heart-shaped, large, blue leaves and a lot of the "blue hostas" come from this species. Hosta Tokudama gives Big Daddy the quilted pattern and cup shaped leaves that arch toward the end.

Sports of Hosta Big Daddy

Hosta Sugar Daddy
Hosta Ice Age Trail
Hosta Sugar Mama
Hosta Big Daddy Streak

Companion Plants for Hosta Big Daddy

Columbine, Heuchera, Hosta Gold Standard, Hosta Old Glory, Ostrich Fern, Aucuba japonnica, and other plants that share it's love of part sun conditions.

Large Hostas with yellow leaves/green margins

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  2. Hosta Final Summation is a large plant with round leaves.
  3. Hosta Garden Party has very bright yellow leaves with green margins.
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