Hosta Collector's Banner is a hard to find plant that is very unusual in appearance. If you should choose to purchase this plant do so early in the season before the nurseries are sold out. This is a medium sized plant that forms a clump of 18 inches tall by 30 inches wide. It is a sport of Hosta Gold Standard.

The leaves of Collector's Banner start out mostly green with a little faded looking variegation. As the season progresses the lighter colors intensify and the leaf turns into a blend of green, cream, and white. The leaf margins will remain a dark green color. Each leaf has its own unique pattern of variegation.

The leaves are strongly veined, slightly shiny, but not textured. Hosta Colector's Banner is a great and uncommon plant for the shade garden. This plant is not sun tolerant and the thin leaves are prone to slug damage.

This plant has lavender flowers in mid-summer.

As with other Hosta plants this one likes a lot of water but needs well drained soil. If your soil is either too wet or too dry adding some organic material to it will help to give your soil both proper drainage and/or additional moisture holding capacity. It is a great plant for the home garden.

Other Hosta Varieties

Hosta Guacamole was Hosta of the Year in 2002. This plant has a yellow gold leaf with dark green margins. It has a rounded leaf that cups downward. Guacamole is a large fast growing Hosta that has fragrant off white flowers.

Hosta Paul's Glory was Hosta of the Year in 1999. This is another large fast growing Hosta that has a center leaf that changes color from yellow to white to white green throughout the season. The leaf margins are a darker green.

Hosta Fire and Ice is a sport of Hosta Sieboldiana Patriot. This plant has a white base color to the leaf with dark green margins. Fire and Ice is an attractive medium sized plant with a striking color contrast to the leaves.

Hosta August Moon starts out the season a dark attractive green color and changes as the season continues to a greenish gold. August Moon is a medium sized Hosta plant that is attractive all season long. This is a very popular garden plant.

Hosta Praying Hands was Hosta of the Year for 2011. This is the plant that is least likely to be recognized as a Hosta by the layman. The leaves are very strongly folded reminiscent of "Praying Hands". It has a dark green leaf with a golden margin although the leaf variegation is hard to see since the leaves cup upwards disguising much of the color.