If you are looking for a strongly textured variegated Hosta plant then look no further than Hosta Darwin’s Standard. This sport of Gold Standard it has extremely strong texture to the leaves.


The main leaf color is a yellow gold and the margins of this plant are a darker green. The leaves of this medium sized mounding plant are heart-shaped and quite shiny.


Darwin’s Standard reaches a height of 20 inches and has a diameter of 35 inches. This plant grows equally well in Sun or Shade and is a good plant for those people who love Hostas but have very little shade.


This perennial plant is not known to be fussy in any way. It can be easily grown and easily divided by gardeners of all skill levels. Simply give it lots of water, well drained soil, and protection from slugs and it should grow and thrive for many years.


Hosta Darwin’s Standard has flowers that are almost white but with a touch of the lavender that most Hosta plants are known for.  Good companions include Aucuba japonica and Heuchera.

Other Varieties


Minuteman is an attractive Fortunei Hosta that has a dark green leaf with a white margin. This is a large mounding plant that is similar in looks and coloration to Hosta Fortunei Patriot.


Hosta Whirlwind is a medium sized and fast growing Hosta that has folded and twisted leaves which gives it its “whirlwind” appearance. The margins of this plant are a dark green but the interior color can be anything from light green to yellow to white. The color of the center of the leaf depends on the time of year and the amount of sunlight that it receives.


Hosta Golden Tiara forms a tight mound of foliage. The leaves of Golden Tiara have a dark green center with chartreuse margins. This plant grows fast and its mature size is 16 inches high by 28 inches wide.


Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans is the original “Blue Hosta”. Elegans is a large clumping plant that also has quite large leaves. This is one of the most common and popular shade plants for the garden and is frequently used in large numbers by landscapers.