Hosta Fire and Ice is a nice variegated hosta which is a member of the Fortunei family. A sport of Hosta Patriot this perennial has reverse coloration of the parent plant. A white center which is set off by a dark green border this smallish sized hosta will get 10-20" high by 30" wide. Although this plant is a bit smaller than some of the others it will really stand out in the garden.

This particular Fortunei Hosta can be a bit difficult to find which is an indication of just how attractive and wanted it in for the shade garden. I'd recommend trying to find it early in the season or try to pre-order it from your favorite mail order nursery.

Fortuneis tend to have somewhat shiny leaves and can be in a sunnier location than some of the other hosta's that you can find. This is an easy hosta to grow and Hosta Fire and Ice is a great beginner plant assuming that you can locate one.

Plant this mounding perennial in a somewhat shady, well watered, and well drained location and it will thrive. Mulching this plant is a good way to conserve moisture, just make sure not to pile the mulch directly against the crown of the plant as this can promote crown rot.

Hosta plants tend to be heavy feeders so give it a good dose of fertilizer occasionally throughout the year. They will grow without fertilizer but your plant will be larger, healthier, and more attractive if you attempt to meet its requirements.

A sport of this Hosta which is even smaller is Hosta Paradise on Fire. Paradise on Fire has a narrow white center with the green edging covering a good portion of the leaf. It is a great looking small Hosta which could be used in a garden with very little space.

I'm a big fan of Hosta Patriot. In my mostly sunny garden I have to be careful which cultivars that I plant but this family does pretty good in my garden excluding a few weeks of Japanese beetle issues.

These plants can be placed toward the front of a garden bed without out-growing or overwhelming its neighbors unlike a larger plant such as Hosta Elegans.

If you want a smallish, variegated, green and white hosta then Hosta Fire and Ice is a good choice for the home garden. It is a wonderful part-shade plant that is a credit to the Fortunei family and the Patriot line in particular.

Sports of Hosta 'Fire and Ice'

Hosta Paradise on Fire
Hosta Green Ice