Hosta Golden Tiara is one of the lucky Hosta plants that can be grown in full sun. If you love this perennial but have no shade this could be a good option for you. Now that I've gotten what "They" say out of the way I'd just like to mention that in MY garden this plant does NOT like full sun. It melted like the wicked witch of the west until I moved it to a more indirect lighting area. Gorgeous plant ... well until it melted.

This hosta plant is a small mounding plant that will fit into almost any garden setting. If you have both sun AND a small garden finding a perennial hosta that will do well in your garden may be a challenge. This one can fit the bill on both of these issues. It only gets to about 12 inches by 18 inches which is very small in the land of Hostas.

The coloring of Golden Tiara is very nice and bright. This is not a dark plant but a bright and cheerful addition. The leaves are a bright green with a narrow chartreuse border along the edges. A lot of other hostas tend to be darker but this one is anything but dark.

Caring for this plant is as easy as any other sun loving hosta. You should make sure to give it consistent watering and well drained soil. Mulching can help to preserve moisture but can also attract slugs which you will have to try and protect this plant from.

Propagating Hosta Golden Tiara is simple. This is a fast growing plant which can be divided in just a few short years. Just dig the plant, divide it into a couple equal sized sections, replant, and water well. If you want use this plant repeatedly in the garden division is the cheapest way to increase the number that you have.

Although Golden Tiara likes sun it doesn’t need sun and will be perfectly happy in the shade with other hosta varieties such as Hosta Sieboldiana Frances Williams or Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans.

Finding a non-hosta companion is a snap since this plant can be grown in most sun locations just don’t stick it with your drought tolerant plants and you should do fine.

The nondescript lavender flowers bloom around July. As with most other Hosta plants the flowers are not normally a consideration when choosing which one to get.

Hosta Golden Tiara is a tough and hardy garden plant that will recover from most types of abuse. It is a good beginner plant and is a very tidy plant that will improve the looks of your sun or shade garden.  Good companions include Aucuba japonica and Heuchera.

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