Hosta Halcyon General Information

Hosta Halcyon is one of the most popular of the Blue Hostas. It is the 10th most popular Hosta according to the American Hosta Society. It won the best blue leaf award in 1992.

Plant and Leaf Size

Hosta Halcyon is a medium sized Hosta. This variety grows to 16 inches tall and forms a clump that is 24 inches wide. This is a fast growing plant which can reach its mature size in a few years. The leaves of Halcyon are 4 inches long by 3 inches wide. This plant is both sun and slug resistant.

Leaf Color and Details
The leaves of this plant are blue. They are not kind of blue or greenish blue, but a true blue which is hard to find in a Hosta for your home garden. A lot of the varieties that claim to be blue aren't really blue. The leaves of a young plant are pointed, but those points dull as the plant ages. The leaves of Halcyon Hosta are smooth but have strong and prominent veins. The leaves are almost round.

Flower Color and Details
The pale lavender flowers are on flower stalks that are 11 inches high, and this plant blooms in mid-summer. The flowers are rumored to have a slight fragrance.

This plant is a hybrid of Hosta sieboldiana.

General Hosta Care

Hosta plants like fertile soil and fertilizer about 4 times per year. They like a regular watering schedule, but do not like wet feet. Well drained soil is a must for these perennials.

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