Hosta Heliarc is a small variegated Hosta that is a sport of Hosta Fortunei Hyacinthina. This perennial shade plant gets to 10 inches high by 15 inches wide. The leaves are 6 inches long by 4 inches wide. This is a true shade plant and does not like the sunlight at all. This plant looks great with other shade tolerant Hosta plants or most any shade perennial that you'd like to plant it with.

Heliarc has heart shaped leaves which are green with a yellow green margin. The texture of this plants leaves is interesting because it varies between being veined and textured. From the middle to the tip of the leaves the veining is very strongly visible and as you get to the edges of the leaf and the base it shows more of a quilted leaf pattern.

The flared lavender flowers of Hosta Heliarc bloom in July and are held 24 inches above the plant and are viable. This is a great small shade plant that works well in any sized garden. This plant is not slug resistant and needs to be protected from these pests.

Other Hosta Varieties:
Hosta Darwin's Standard is a medium sized variegated Hosta plant. This Hosta has a yellow green leaf with a darker green margin. This attractive plant has strongly textured and shiny leaves.

Hosta Collector's Banner is a medium sized color changing shade perennial. It has a leaf that begins almost solid green with paler patches. As the season progresses the patches add in additional coloration. You can see light green, cream, and gold on this plants unique leaves.

Hosta Brenda's Beauty is a strikingly lovely medium sized Hosta. This plant has leaves that are light yellow with very dark margins. This plant has extreme visual contrast which makes it stand out in the garden.

Hosta Richland Gold is a fast growing medium sized perennial plant. This plant has nice solid colored leaves which are a green/gold. This is a neat and clean addition to any shade garden.

Hosta Thunderbolt is a fantastic large plant with extremely appealing leaf colors. The blue leaves have a narrow streak of yellow running down the center. The color contrast makes this plant stand out in the shade garden. Thunderbolt is a sport of Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans.