The Hosta Jester is an interesting sport of Hosta Fortunei Hyacinthina. This plant starts the season with green leaves that have splotches of chartreuse. The plant changes to a blue green by summer. The edges of the leaves are green.

Jester is a medium sized plant which gets to 18 inches high by 30 inches wide at maturity. The flowers of Hosta Jester are lavender.

This perennial plant can be planted in either the sun or shade. It forms a very neat and tidy mound of foliage which although isn't the most eye catching of Hosta plants it is certainly attractive and useful for landscaping.

This isn't the most popular of Hosta plants and can be a little hard to find at either local nurseries or mail order nurseries. If a plant is unpopular it can lead to lack of sufficient nursery stock being carried as opposed to the popular shortage of just not being able to grow the plants fast enough.

Other Hosta Varieties:
Hosta Moonlight is a fast growing small hosta plant. This sun tolerant Hosta variety has yellow green leaves with a white margin. This is an adorable plant that will fit into any sized garden. It has pale lavender flowers which bloom from July to August.

Hosta Golden Tiara is a medium sized plant that forms a tight mound of foliage. This fast growing plant has green leaves with a chartreuse and white margin. Golden Tiara is prone to sporting and is a plant that should be in the garden of anyone interested in finding new and unique Hosta varieties.

Hosta Whirlwind is an attractive fast growing plant with an upright growth habit. This plant has very wavy and twisted leaves giving it in the whirlwind appearance when combined with the upright form. The leaves vary in color depending on the amount of sunlight received and range from light green to white. The margins are dark green. This plant is both sun tolerant and slug resistant.

Hosta Minuteman is a large variegated Hosta plant. It has dark green leave with a creamy white margin. The leaves of this plant are slightly wavy and twisted. Minuteman should be planted in the shade and should be exposed to as little sun as possible.

Hosta Abiqua Drinking Gourd has very unique cupped dark blue leaves. This large upright Hosta plant has very cupped leaves which are also large. The cupped leaves are the main reason for the popularity of this strange plant.