Hosta Minuteman is a similar and improved perennial that is similar in coloration and habit to Hosta Patriot. This Hosta Fortunei cultivar is very popular in today's gardens. The dark green leaves with white margins cause this plant to stand out in the shade garden but it is also quite sun tolerant.

This hosta plant was a sport of Hosta Francee which has quite a few good cultivars to its credit and is a well loved and often planted perennial garden plant.

Hosta Minuteman is a medium sized Hosta. It will form an 18x30 inch mound of variegated foliage that is very striking and eye-catching. The pale lavender flowers that bloom around June are nothing special but that's about all you can expect from this genus.

Keep this plant watered but not soaking wet and it will grow with few problems. This is a great beginner perennial that is forgiving of most soil and sun problems that can occur. This plant is hardy in zones 3-9 and is very happy in most weather conditions. Minuteman can handle soils that range from sand to clay. If you are looking for a variegated Hosta that can be planted in less shade than other types such as Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans or Hosta Sieboldiana Frances Williams than Minuteman might be a good choice for you.

The coloration of this plant is similar to Hosta Fortunei Patriot but is considered to be better by some because the leaf margins are not as wide. Whether this one is better than Patriot really depends on what you think looks better. If you want less white on the leaves of the plant go with Minuteman if you want more white than Hosta Patriot might suit you better.

Good companions for Minuteman (in the shade) include Heuchera, Astilbe, and the Blue Hosta plants. If grown in the sun any sunny perennial plant that likes wet soil can be used as a companion plant.

All you need to do is slug proof your garden beds because as with other Hostas this guy is a favorite of slugs and normally where Hostas like to grow slugs like to live. They just have similar environmental needs.

This is a great plant and very popular in the shade and sun home garden today and requires no special attention over and above what you would normally give to a Hosta plant. Hosta Minuteman is a great plant that is easy to grow and forgiving of the mistakes that beginners might make.

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