Hosta Moonlight is a small fast growing Hosta plant. It will grow to 12 inches high by 20 inches wide pretty quck. The small heart shaped leaves form a loose and informal mound of foliage that is attractive and quite hardy.

The leaves of Moonlight are of the color changing variety, meaning that the base color starts out as a medium green and changes to yellow green as the season progresses. The very narrow margins of this Hosta plant are white. The size of the leaves is 9 inches long by 5 inches wide.

The leaves are slightly textured but it is not as visible as you can find in some other plants. The plant looks relatively smooth from a distance.

Hosta Moonlight has lavender flowers that bloom mid July to August. As with most other Hosta plants the flowers of this variety are considered to be insignificant. Hosta’s are grown for their foliage not their rather boring flowers.

This perennial can handle some sun but does great with very deep shade as well. It is prone to slug damage so take care to protect it from those pests. This plant is not patented and can be easily and frequently divided to increase the number of plants in the garden.

This plant is a sport of Hosta Gold Standard which is one of the top 10 most popular Hosta plants. Gold Standard has a yellow green leaf with a darker green margin. It is a large plant though and if you’d like something smaller but with attractive variegation than you may want to consider Moonlight.

Hostas like plenty of water, but don't like to be in standing water. If the soil is well-drained you don't have to worry about standing water. Give this plant fertile soil and fertilize a few times every year.

The main difference between these two plants is size but Moonlight also carries its leaves in a more casual manner. It is not as neat a plant but has its own carefree charm. This is a great plant for the home garden.  Good companions include Aucuba japonica and Heuchera.

A few other Hosta plants include:

Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans which is a large blue plant that is one of the most common found in older gardens. It has been around for a very long time and its popularity continues unabated.

Hosta Fortunei Patriot also has green leaves with a white margin however the margins are much wider and the leaves are narrower and even less textured.

Hosta Big Daddy is a large blue plant that is a bit less common than Elegans but is a true named variety (Elegans is more of a common name for any blue Hosta)

Hosta Guacamole is a unique plant that has downward curving leaves that has a light green base with a darker green margin.

Hosta Paul’s Glory is also a color changing Hosta that covers the entire spectrum from blue/green to yellow and finally to white.

There is a Hosta for every garden and if Hosta Moonlight isn’t the right one for a particular garden then just look a bit longer and the right plant is waiting to be purchased.