Hosta Richland Gold is a sport of Hosta Gold Standard. This medium sized hosta plant has a yellowish coloration to its leaves. It is a fast growing perennial that measures in at 14 inches high by 35 inches wide.

The small yellow green leaves are simple yet attractive. The ovate leaves are 5 inches long by 3 inches wide. The leaves form a loose mound of foliage which is attractive all year long. The leaves have the interesting habit of being sometimes green, sometimes yellow, and sometimes mixed. This very unique coloration habit makes it a must have to the collector.

The leaves of this plant are 6 inches long by 4 inches wide and they have very little texture to them. The leaves are nicely shaped but a bit plain.

The pale lavender flowers bloom from mid July to early August. Hosta Richland Gold can handle some direct sunlight but the thin leaves are prone to slug damage.

It has a few sports to its credit 2 of which are Hosta Zodiac and Hosta Chesieres Mountain Lights.

I'd plant Hosta Richland Gold with dark leaved foliage to set off the yellow gold that could be lost if planted with other similar colored plants.

A few other Hosta varieties include:

Hosta Fire and Ice has a white base leaf color with a green margin. It is an excellent medium sized Hosta plant that will thrive in a mostly shady location.

Hosta August Moon is a large plant that does best with some sunlight. It starts out green and changes to a golden green by the end of the season. It is a strongly textured but un-variegated plant.

Hosta Praying Hands is a unique plant that is the Hosta of the Year for 2011. The lance shaped green leaves have a creamy margin but the leaves are strongly folded. It is a very unusual plant that tends to evoke strong love/hate feelings in people.

Hosta Minuteman is considered to be an improved version of Hosta Fortunei Patriot. It has the same green base color to the leaves with a white margin. It does well in the sun.

Hosta Whirlwind has a base color to the leaf that starts out white and changes to green. The margins are a dark green. It is an extremely attractive and versatile plant for the garden.

Sports of Hosta 'Richland Gold'

Hosta Chesieres Mountain Lights
Hosta Zodiac