One of the older varieties of Hosta – Hosta Sieboldiana ‘elegans’ is a large and beautiful shade plant that is commonly found in many shade gardens. This hosta grows to 30" x 48" and can help to fill and beautify any garden space. Space is one of the few requirements that this hardy perennial needs another is water. Like all Hosta good watering is needed to have it perform to its maximum potential. There are many other Hosta Sieboldiana varieties to choose from.

Hosta Sieboldiana var elegans has very large heart-shaped grey/blue leaves that will make it work both as a companion to other plants and as a specimen plant. This Hosta plant makes a fine companion to other perennials that have the same light and water requirements. Just make sure not to plant the young plants too close together or they will be crowded as they grow.

If you are a beginner home gardener or just a beginner to Hostas this is an easy to care for and easy to grow plant that will give you joy for a very long time. It is not a delicate plant that will die before many, many years has passed. Just remember that this is a shade plant and while it actually likes a little indirect or dappled sunlight do not give it too much.

This plant is also easy to propagate so if you are concerned about losing it or just want to get some free plants just divide it in the spring when it first begins to grow, water well and wait until you are ready to divide again.

The flowers of Sieboldiana Elegans Hosta are a very light lavender color and the flowers themselves are attractive in both their form as well as their growing habit. These Hosta flowers bloom very close to the plant itself instead of being held high above the plant. This is a unique growth characteristic to Hosta Elegans.

What am I missing? Space: a lot – Water: a lot – Flowers: light purple – Light: mostly shade but a little sun for the best color – Propagation: by division if you want the plant to be true to the cultivar but by seed if you are adventurous I think that pretty much sums up this plant.

Oh pests and diseases…I don’t want to talk about those but I guess I have to. Leaf spot, crown rot, and slugs are the main issues this plant has just like most other Hostas. I’m not sure if the deer like them as much as they like other Hostas but let me know if you have deer because I don’t have them so can’t say one way or the other. Hosta Sieboldiana tend to all have these issues.

All in all Hosta Sieboldiana elegans is a great plant with a few drawbacks but all plants have a few problems and the great color and looks of this plant make up for those.  Good companions include Aucuba japonica and Heuchera.

Sports of Hosta sieboldiana Elegans

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Hosta Aurora Borealis
Hosta Barbara Ann
Hosta Blue Giant
Hosta Bold Ruffles
Hosta Borwick Beauty
Hosta Chesterland Mystery
Hosta Color Glory
Hosta El Dorado
Hosta Frances Williams
Hosta George Smith
Hosta Golden Meadows
Hosta Great Expectations
Hosta Myerscough Magic
Hosta Northern Exposure
Hosta Northern Halo
Hosta Northern Mist
Hosta Northern Star
Hosta Northern Sunray
Hosta Temptation
Hosta Thunderbolt

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