Hosta Tattoo is a miniature Hosta plant. It grows to 6 inches high and 15 inches in diameter. This plant is a newer variety, and is under patent until 12/28/2018. This plant is popular right now because of the unusual maple leaf "tattoo" found on the leaves.

Tattoo Hosta has a reputation for being difficult to grow. Although it is a smaller Hosta it is reputed to be a slow grower. It is more delicate than some Hostas, and has been known to not return in the spring. The is not a good starter Hosta. There are plenty of less demanding Hostas for newbie gardeners.

It is sun resistant, but should not be planted in an area of the garden that receives all day sun. Give this fussy Hosta plenty of water, but don't overwater. Well-drained soil is necessary.

The leaves are cupped, but have no texture or waving to them.The small variegated leaves of Tattoo Hosta are 2 1/2 inches long and wide. The variegated leaves of Tattoo are yellow with green margins.

Tattoo has pale lavender flowers, that are on 12 inch flower stalks.

Tattoo Hosta was registered by T. Avent in 1998. It is a sport of Hosta Little Aurora.

Hosta Little Aurora:

Hosta Little Aurora is the parent plant of Hosta Tattoo. Little Aurora is a small hosta with golden yellow leaves. It grows to 4 inches high and 18 inches wide. The leaves of Little Aurora Hosta are deeply cupped and textured. They are heart shaped and very thick. The leaves are 4 inches long and 3 inches wide.

The flowers of Little Aurora are pale lavender and bloom in late July The seed of this plant is viable, and can be used for crossing with other Hostas.

Hosta Little Aurora was registered by P. Aden in 1978. Little Aurora is a hybrid of Hosta tokudama Aureonebulosa and Hosta Golden Waffles

Hosta Golden Waffles has solid yellow leaves, while Hosta tokudama Aureonebulosa has variegated green leaves with blue green margins. That has nothing much to do with Tattoo, but I find tracing the pedigree of Hostas interesting.