A medium sized Hosta plant Hosta Whirlwind is a wonderfully colored Fortunei Hosta that changes as the season progresses. The color change is different from others that have this habit. This is a sport of Hosta Hyacinthina.

Whirlwind is a medium sized perennial that will grow to 20x40 inches. It needs the same care as other Hosta plants – Consistant watering with well drained soil, part shade, and occasional fertilizer is all this plant requires.

The unique aspect of this plant is the leaf coloration. It starts out with a creamy white center with a darker green margin and as the season progresses the center of the leaves begin to darken and become green. There are other Hosta plants that have this color changing habit but I think that Hosta Whirlwind has the best form. The color change is also the opposite of most of the others. Normally the plants go from green to white rather than from white to green.

It is simply an attractive mounding plant that will fit into most gardens. The leaves have a slightly twisted appearance which is where this perennial gets its name. It is not a prominent twisting but enough to look as though it is circling as a whirlwind is known to do. The leaves are also slightly folded now as folded as Hosta Praying Hands but that plant is a little strange anyway.

Plant this one with Hosta Sieboldiana Frances Williams or Hosta Sieboldiana Elegans for a bold statement in the garden. Other good part shade companions include Astilbe, Heuchera, and hardy geraniums. If you would like to plant this one with another color changing plant Hosta August Moon goes from green to a golden green late in the season.

Hosta problems include slugs and crown rot and this one is no exception. Protecting your perennials from slugs and ensuring that the garden bed is well drained will help to combat this problem.

If you are tired of plants that look the same all the time and would like to have different looks in the same place all season Hosta Whirlwind is an interesting and beautiful plant to try.

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