Hosta plantaginea is the "fragrant Hosta". It is the only species of Hosta that has fragrance. This is a large species which grows to 25 inches high and 50 inches in diameter. The flowers of plantaginea are large and white. They open in the evening and will attract insects that are out at night.

The large flowers require quite a bit of sunlight to put on the best showing. Hosta plantaginea should not be planted in the shade if the flowers are the reason that it is being purchased.

As with most other species plantaginea is a rather boring plant. The numerous offspring bring a lot to the garden even though the parent is kind of blah.

The leaves are large, green, and shiny. They measure in at 11 inches long and 7 inches wide. This plant originated in China.

Now that I've insulted this poor plant by calling it plain maybe we should look at a few of the more exciting varieties.

Hosta Aphrodite is probably one of the most well known plantaginea. It has large double white flowers. This variety has the basic foliage of the parent plant but the 6 inch scented flowers make up for the plain green leaves.

Hosta Guacamole is a variegated plantaginea. It has golden green leaves with darker green margins. It makes a more exciting addition to the garden. This is a fast growing variety that will quickly establish itself in most gardens.

All Hostas require the same basic soil and water care. The main variation of care is in how much sunlight they can handle. Good, fertile, and well drained soil is important to a Hosta. They enjoy regular watering but do not like to be in poorly drained or constantly wet soil. As long as your garden can meet the sun, soil, and water requirements they are hardy and easy to grow.

Hostas can be killed. It's not easy, but I've killed a couple. They are not completely fool proof but they are about as close to non killable as a plant can come.