Hostess Returns

Hostess was bought by private equity groups called Apollo Global Management for $410 million. As if that news isn't good enough, the new owners have decided to keep the old designs, recipes (of course) and even the same prices. The only thing they're adding to the box of the products is the quote "The sweetest comeback in the history of ever".

This is great news because customers don't even have to search for a new design and other than the new quote on the packaging, it's like Hostess never left! Stores are having a hard time keeping the product on their shelves because once the news was out, so was their inventory due to the Hostess fans stocking up their cabinets.

For those who are looking for SnoBalls, they're going to take a little longer to hit shelves again, but they will return. Wonder Bread and other cakes such as the Drake's brand cakes were sold to other private firms and it's not yet known how soon those snacks will return to shelves.

Hostes Products

What The New Hostess Owners Realized

Many were worried the new company would mold the 82 year old brand into something new instead of keeping what America knows. However, the new owners (luckily for us) realize that there really is no need to change something that isn't broken. 

America wants the original and that's what this company seems to understand. It's a breathe of fresh air to know that the owners actually purchased the company in order to preserve something that was already great.

Hostess Chocolate Cupcake

What's Next For Hostess

This is a great save for Hostess. The original cakes are not only going to remain the same price and taste the same, there will also be some new cakes added to the mix without affecting the original cakes. Sounds like a sweet plan, if you ask me.

Hopefully these yummy snacks won't ever cause another panic like this and will stay around for 82 more years or longer. Consumers no longer have to order their Twinkies and cupcakes from ebay and can now enjoy their shopping experiences a little more knowing that whenever they have a craving for a Hostess cake, they're only going to be a few aisles away.

Even though the cakes aren't remaining on the shelves for very long right now, the production of snacks should pick up even more within the next few months and there won't be such a mad rush for them. Give it a little time if you're trying to avoid the "Hostess Rush Hour" and this way you can have a peaceful shopping experience when looking for your long lost love, the Twinkie. 

Some people may not think this is such a big deal, especially if they were never really big fans of the Hostess brand snack cakes, but for those who are, it feels amazing not having to say to your kids "I was a huge Hostess fan, but they stopped making those snacks a long time ago". Thanks to Apollo Global Management, Hostess can remain a part of your family tradition.