Hostgator is arguably the best and most reliable hosting service out there. Needless to say, I use it for all my hosting needs and recommend it to anyone who asks.  There are Black Friday discounts which I will be discussing later in the article. Also the one cent deal for new HostGator accounts is also explained below.

One Cent Trial:

When I started out, I was unsure if I would be able to earn enough to sustain my sites. I was hesitant of spending loads of money, only to discover that “this is not for me”. I started out with a free host called I was great for then, but very soon I realized that I needed a more professional host with more support and features. I researched and found that HostGator just fit my requirement set to the T. I started out with the one cent coupon and then next month onwards, I went to become a full member. If you wish to get on to the HostGator bandwagon in order to just test the waters    you can use the one cent coupon. Just go to the OFFICIAL HOSTGATOR WEBSITE and use the coupon ONECENTONLYDEAL. You can use this code any time of the year.

Holiday Discounts to Watch Out for:

HostGator offers occasional discounts and they are a steal. October 22, Halloween is a hot favorite for HG and every year there are massive discounts for new accounts.

Similarly, there are great Black Friday deals – the mother of all shopping discounts season.  Last year the Black Friday discount was an amazing 80% off on yearly hosting for new customers. The sad part is that these discounts are only available to the new customers. So many of the budding IMers are looking for this year 2012 Black Friday discount and word has it that it has 50% off this time.  All you have to do is go to the OFFICIAL HOSTGATOR WEBSITE and enter the Black Friday 2012 discount code. The code will be applicable only on Black Friday, i.e. 23rd of November, 2012.

Reseller Hosting business: 

I don’t actually do this but I have heard great things about it. The reseller program makes for an easy money spinner and it comes with a 25% off coupon. So, you can just dive into this business and get discounts too. Try coupon COUPON25BEST on the site in order to get 25% off on your first years payments for your reseller account.

Here are some of the top reasons why I just swear by HostGator:

  1. High levels of reliability: I am not going to lay this down in technical terms because I don’t know any. All I know is that my site has experienced only 0.001% downtime since I started with HostGator. That was some 3 years and 8 months ago. I have a software that keeps track of the downtime my sites have had, and this is what it reported: 0.001% downtime!! It’s amazing. Such high levels of reliability ensure that my businesses do not suffer and I get best bang for my buck.
  2. Excellent Customer Support: Now, you are going to think that how much customer support you can require? Well, as it turns out, a lot! I messed up a lot of times and their live customer support chat has helped me out every single time. They are there 24 X 7 and they know a fair bit of technical stuff. Typically I install Wordpress templates and get set the site going after minor modifications with widgets and stuff and try my hand at making minor tweaks in the code. One of these times, I messed up the code so bad that I was locked out of my wordpress account. The customer support helped me by going into the system and reinstalling the default theme and handing over the reins to me.  I know this may not sound like a big deal to somebody but for someone who almost doesn’t know PHP from COBOL.
  3. High Level of Automation:  HostGator provides one click installation of Wordpress. In addition, for more geeky people there are options for one click install of so many other platforms like SQL, Joomla and others, names of which I can’t even remember. The fact that I can have unlimited add-on domains on the “baby plan” make just so much sense. You pay for one – you pay for all.

Hope you have a blast with your money earning or hobby website. Take advantage of these discounts and get started NOW.