Hosting a Best Friend Necklaces Party

If you have a tween or teenager in your household, you've probably already heard of best friend necklaces, the seemingly symmetrically broken heart shaped necklaces that can be fit together to form a whole heart or similar shape. These necklaces are often given amongst the younger crowd as best friend gifts and they signify positive friendship and closeness. The nice thing about these particular pieces of friendship jewelry is that, although they can be found cheaply online or in jewelry stores, they can also be made very easily and inexpensively from the comfort of your home.

If you are looking for a cool party idea that your younger child will be excited about, and that will allow you to have several of his or her friends over in a semi-controlled environment, why not throw a best friend necklaces making party?

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Getting Supplies for your Best Friend Gifts Making Party

The key to a fun and successful Best Friend Necklacesmaking party is cheap sculpey! Sculpey is a type of modeling clay that can be purchased in practically every color imaginable. Depending on the depth of inventory of your local craft store, you should also be able to find sculpey or modeling clay with special effects, such as a metallic sheen or granite stone appearance. You can set up your party by arranging plenty of different kinds of sculpey around a table that you've covered with newspaper (and taped down well). If you have small butter knives you don't mind getting dirty, you can lay them out for the kids to cut sculpey with.

If you want to get fancy, you can buy a small bottle of sculpey or modeling clay gloss (they're usually not more than a few dollars) which the kids can use a nail polish brush or paintbrush to brush onto their sculpey once it has cooled from cooking. This will seal their best friend necklaces, protecting them from the elements for longer, as well as giving them a nice sheen just like fancy jewelry.

Finally, you will need a number of small eyelet screws to insert into the sculpey pieces just before baking, as well as some lanyard type material (it can be as simple and inexpensive as a length of shoestring) to string through the eyelets once the children complete their best friend necklaces.

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Ideas for Making Best Friend Gifts

The basic idea of making best friend necklaces with sculpey is pretty simple: the kids can form a shape they like, be it a soccer ball, ying yang or heart, and use a knife to cut it in half to form two pieces of the necklace so that it will match back up once it's cooked and firmed up.

Best friend necklaces are all the better when they're made by the two friends that will be wearing them: encourage the kids to choose a shape or icon that is meaningful within the context of their friendship. Two soccer fanatics that met each other playing for their school team could form a flat white circle and affix several black sculpey pentagons to it before cutting it in half.

Meanwhile, if you have a larger group of kids, if you're running the party for a summer camp or other type of organization, or if you just want to be more inclusive of everyone at once, you can opt to make larger medallion sized best friend necklaces, encouraging each child to participate in the formation and decoration of the larger medallion, and then divide it into equal pieces so that each child receives a fragment of the necklace. The kids will likely enjoy being able to reunite all their fragments into the full medallion whenever they are all together, and you can even use this as an opportunity to discuss the value of teamwork and inclusive collaboration.

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