Enjoy your Baby Shower as before you know it the baby will be here!

Why Host a Couple's Baby Shower vs a Traditional female only Baby Shower?

It can really depend on whether the parents to-be are having their first child or another child.  Traditionally the mother to-be either has a friend or family member offer to organise the Baby Shower or the mother to-be chooses to host it herself.  Something to consider is how far along in a pregnancy the mother to-be is.  Initially the mother to-be may have really wanted a particular theme or games but decides to hand over the reigns to her fellow friend or sister.  If you are hosting a baby shower always consider the parents to-be needs, as the party is for them.

I am expecting my third child and there were a few reasons I didn't decide to have the Traditional Baby Shower.  Firstly part of tradition is only to have a Baby Shower for your first-born.  The idea behind this, is that you have the bulk of items to carry over to any future children such as baby wraps and cot sheets.  However, it is not unusual for people to have a second baby shower where the gender is known before birth and it is not the same as the first child.

In my circumstances I had a Traditional Baby Shower for both my daughters as I had a friend who was keen on organising me a second one.  My friend thought as my children were six years apart, it was fine to have another party.  It is important for the mother to-be, to-be able to accept help where people close to you really want to help.  It does need to-be wanted help and not overwhelming.  Do not hesitate to say thank you but no thank you, if you feel it would give you stress as this not a positive thing for the mother to-be or the unborn baby.

The reason I choose a Couple's Baby Shower is that it is my third child and as I had a party for the other two, I felt it was important to make sure the upcoming baby also had a party.  In addition the baby to-be (expected arrival in four weeks) is our first boy.  I did have another reason however.  I am in a blended family being my two daughters are from a previous relationship but this is my Husband's first child.  It is very important for him being a first time father to get involved.


Why Host a Couple's Baby Shower in the form of a Baby-Q?

It is important for both the mother and father to-be to enjoy the celebration.  It really comes down to personality of the father.  I know my husband always feels comfortable at a barbecue.  I didn't want him to feel he couldn't invite his single male friends.  By asking friends to a Baby-Q and explaining it was not a Traditional Baby Shower, it would be a more a casual affair.

Many people find it hard now days to juggle family life.  By hosting the party in the form of a barbecue, we could invite friends and their little kids.  However, without making the party to big or overwhelming as the mother to-be I was organising this shower, I booked a hut at a Local Park.  This was at a very small cost and provided both shelter and gas barbeques.  I also booked the hut closest to the amenities and the playground.  This equals almost nil cleaning up.

A Baby-Q is a great conversation piece and you are sure to have many guests make it.

In Australia from what I discovered a family Baby Shower is practically unheard of.  It was a South American friend who suggested the idea to me.  It was fantastic as I only organised the invitations 5 days before the event and had a 99% success rate of guests saying yes.  The few no's were genuinely disappointed and all asked me what is a Baby-Q?  I did have on the invitations a Baby-Q Shower with a spill underneath of:

Buns in the Oven, burgers on the grill,

come help us celebrate this upcoming 

thrill of Baby (Surname) - little brother for

(first child name) and (second child name)


Catering - What Food to have at a Baby-Q?

I even had more people than I bargained for at the event, as my eldest daughter invited a few friends from school who bought their parents and siblings with them.  On this basis always cater for a few extra.  It does depend on what your budget is.  I provided a cake as the host.  My daughters created a cupcake tower masterpiece.  I know it sounds daunting and don't hesitate just buying a cake but it was much cheaper this way and was an activity to keep my other children entertained.  

My husband and I decided to tell everyone no need to bring lunch and just bring your own drinks.  Lunch was a way of saying you to guests coming as many brought gifts.

Do not hesitate whether the mother to-be or a friend hosting to ask for help.  I asked both my mother and mother-in-law to bring specific salad dishes and they were more than happy to do so.  I then only had to make two more salads so we had enough food.  Not to forget, I also organised the little things like paper plates and napkins and so on.  My husband just took care of the meat order at the butcher.  We did have too much food left but leftovers are always great that evening and good for lunch boxes.


Baby Shower Theme.

When having other children or friends that really want to help you, decorating is where they can help.  I let my eldest be in charge of the decorating.  I have tried to spend as much time as possible since on maternity leave with each daughter individually so they don't feel excluded when baby is born as I will have a period where I am available for baby and sleeping any waking moment!  I took my older daughter shopping and we did a Baby Boy Blue theme.  Blue napkins, Blue "Its a Boy" banner, Blue "Baby Boy" balloons.  All relatively inexpensive but a great way to still feel like it is a Baby Shower without the barbecue taking over.  It also helps arriving guests find the right hut or address depending on what venue you choose.  We even had Blue icing on the cupcakes.

Games that were gender neutral were more challenging which I will discuss in another article for a Couple's Baby Shower.  I hope this article gave you an insight into not necessarily throwing out traditions but putting a modern twist to a Baby Shower as it is great for the father having involvement as much as the mother.  I hope this article gives you an alternative idea to the Traditional Baby Shower we have all been invited to before.  It is a great way for family to feel included.