In almost all places, a hot air balloon festival is being held and marveled at every year. Whether you are simply sightseeing while on a trip or practicing the yearly custom of taking pleasure in the view of this spectacular event, a hot air balloon festival is one thing that people can always look forward to as it offers a couple of activities that exhibit the beauty of air balloons as well as spans during daytime and nighttime. One more tradition to expect is the racing of these balloons to the landing area.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – Bristol International Fiesta

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is a hot air balloon festival celebrated in August on a yearly basis in Bristol, England. Here, you will find several teams from various countries bringing hot air balloons along with them and joining in mass climbing in which hundreds of balloons are possibly launched at the same time. Night glow, one of the famous attractions, is an activity wherein balloons are blown up and radiates to the music during nighttime. The event takes place at 9:30 in the evening on a Thursday, followed by an amazing display of fireworks. There is also another night glow which is followed by a firework display on Saturday evening. Some visitors consider these as the main attraction of the festival. Cameron Balloons, the balloon manufacturer, are close to the event area in Bedminster, and build a lot of the uniquely-shaped aircraft, which have consisted of Tesco Trolley, Bertie Bassett, The Scottish Piper and Rupert the Bear. A lot of shapes from other countries have participated in the festival as well like a beaver and a UFO (USA), an upside down balloon (Holland), and a kiwi bird (New Zealand).

Hot Air Balloon Festival – Saxonia International Balloon Fiesta

The Saxonia International Balloon Fiesta is Europe's 3rd largest hot air balloon festival. Every year, more than 100,000 visitors watch the show, which is held during the last week of July in Leipzig, Germany. A local advertising firm, with the city of Leipzig as their partner, is the one who organizes this hot air balloon festival. The first festival drew 5,000 people in Mügeln as a local event in 1995, then the venue was moved to Silbersee, a recreation zone near Leipzig. This location is situated outside Leipzig's air fields. Silbersee is located in the middle of Loessnig (a region in Leipzig) and Leipzig's southern district's open-pit countryside, which, at the moment, is being transfigured and re-cultivated. This large, open recreation zone can accommodate over 100 balloons. The hot air balloon festival and competition is an important part of this annual festival.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – European Balloon Festival

The European Balloon Festival is Spain's biggest hot air balloon festival, and among the biggest in Europe. It is held in Igualada, Catalonia, which is a city in Spain situated near Barcelona (about 60 km), annually for 2 weeks every July. The fiesta lasts 4 days, from Thursday to Sunday, and draws hundreds of people. It showcases recreational shows like fireworks, night glow and competition. The takeoffs occur at early morning and late afternoon when the conditions are at their best. The hot air balloon festival offers spectators the chance to fly one, too by booking an air travel beforehand. The Igualada City Council is responsible for this event, with Ultramagic (the 2nd biggest balloon manufacturer in the world) and Kon-Tiki Balloon Flights serving as technical support.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons

The Lorraine Mondial Air Balloons is the world's biggest balloon event. It takes place in Chambley Air Base (an ex-NATO air base), which is situated in various cities such as Dommartin la Chaussée in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Chambley and Saint-Julien-lès-Gorze, every 2 years. More than 250 hectares (currently being renovated with the purpose of developing a central aviation hub by Lorraine's Regional Council) in the center of Parc Naturel Régional de Lorraine, the area is constructed around the flight site, which occur daily aside from balloons and other flying apparatus. This hot air balloon festival is one-of-its-kind in Europe, offering an exhibition for everyone – workshops, events, shows and most of all, the highly awaited balloon flights.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – Ferrara Balloons Festival

The Ferrara Balloons Festival is an annual hot air balloon festival that is held in Ferrara, Italy and is regarded as one of Europe's biggest hot air balloon festivals, with many teams coming from Italy and in other countries, bringing their unique, as well as traditional aircraft in various shapes. It was in 2005 that this festival started and since then, it has attracted many people during the 10 days festivity. The balloon flights are the highlight of this event, which takes place in the Bassani Urban Park not far from the UNESCO World Heritage City's Renaissance city walls. The provincial administration and city council of Ferrara are the organizers of this event. It features a magnificent Village of the Air, shows, concerts and entertainment with various food shops, stores and attractions.

Hot Air Balloon Festival – Northampton Balloon Festival

The Northampton Balloon Festival is a yearly hot air balloon festival that takes place in the city of Northampton. It was first held at Racecourse Park and organized by the Borough Council and occurs in the middle of August, from Friday to Sunday. The major attraction of the fiesta is the 2x a day balloon flights. Other features consist of stadium entertainment, trade booths and live music. In 2009, after the Northampton Borough Council pulled out funding, the hot air balloon festival was brought back by new organizers and transferred it to the Billing Aquadome.

Newbies and veterans, both young and old, would be able to enjoy the grandeur of events like these. The absolute splendor of balloons taking off from the ground is what keeps them returning every year. No matter what your degree of interest may be, you would simply find yourself mesmerized with the sight of hot air balloons ascending to the sky. This is what hot air balloons festivals are all about.

Even it is enjoyable reading about such an event as a hot air balloon festival - is is worth considering to participate at least once - because the spectacle is indeed beautiful, colorful and spectacular.