Hot Broccoli Cheese Dip in the Crock Pot

There are very few things that you can prepare and serve as easily as you can this Hot Broccoli Cheese Dip.
There are also very few things as tasty!

This dip is a great appetizer dip and you can make it for your family, serve it at holiday parties or keep it all to yourself!

(1) Stick of butter (or half a cup of butter)
(6) Sliced celery stalks
(2) Chopped onions
(2) 4 Ounce cans of sliced mushrooms (drain well)
1/4 Cup of all purpose flour plus (2) tablespoons extra
(2) 10 3/4 Ounce cans of celery soup, condensed
(6) Ounces of garlic cheese that has been cut into cubes
(2) 10 Ounce packages of broccoli spears, frozen
French bread that has been slices
Bell pepper sliced into strips
Cherry tomatoes

Step 1:
Gather all your ingredients. In separate containers, place specified amounts. Cut, dice and slice all items as the recipe suggests.

Step 2:
In a large skillet, melt the butter. Add the celery, onions and mushrooms. Cook and stir until all are translucent.
Stir in the flour and cook for about (3) minutes.
Move all the items form the skillet over into your slow cooker or crock pot.

Step 3:
Stir in the celery soup, cubed garlic cheese and frozen broccoli spears. Cover your crock pot or slow cooker. Cook on high. Stir about every 10 to 12 minutes or until the cheese is melted. Once the cheese has melted, turn the heat down to low. Cover again and continue to cook for about (3) hours, or until you are ready to serve your Hot Broccoli Cheese Dip.

Step 4:
Make sure to serve the Hot Broccoli Cheese Dip warm. Also, serve with the sliced french bread and vegetables.