10 of The Best Hot Dogs on Earth!

Recently I was shopping in my neighborhood Safeway when I ran into a good friend of mine's father in the line to pay for our groceries.  We chit chatted for a minute while we waited to pay, and I casually looked at what he had in his shopping cart.  Not that it matters what somebody else eats, but he had more or less filled his shopping cart with hot dogs weiners and buns.  I kind of laughed in my head and never thought about it again until the other day when I ran into my friend.  I told him about it, and he laughed and said that his dad likes to eat things that are easy to make.

On the way to the office this morning I started to think about the millions of potential hot dog toppings out there and exactly which ones would make the best hot dogs.  I started looking around the net and there is an entire hot dog sub culture!

While none of these are healthy hot dog recipes, they are definitely creative and I'm sure if I tried them all one of them would definitely make my list for best hot dogs ever made.

Cheesy Jalepno Hot Dog

Cheesy Jalepeno Hot Dog

This little pork based treat is a delicious medley of a number of foods.  First of all, we take bacon and we completely wrap it around the entire hot dog. Next we pan fry that weiner and throw it in a bun.  To make this beautiful slab of meat complete, we cover it with a cheese sauce and diced Jalepenos.  Add some cayenne pepper to take this hot dog recipe to the next level.


Guacamole Bacon Lovers Hot Dog

Guacamole Bacon Hot Dog

I'm sure not everybody will agree with me, but two of my favorite foods that I eat nearly every day are avocado and grilled onions.  When I saw this bad boy covered with what can only be considered as some of the most delicious hot dog toppings ever I had to do a double take.  This beauty of a weiner consists of cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions, ketchup, guacamole, and several slices of bacon. Did I mention that I'm salivating as I type this?

The All Protein Hot Dog

Bacon Burger Cheese Hot Dog

Atkins, Paleo and low carb dieters alike will love this extra special meat packed hot dog.  Instead of stacking hot dog toppings on a bun, we are going to meld them all together to make one piece of super meat.  To assemble this hot dog recipe, we will need you to take a hot dog, wrap it in processed cheese (or organic grass fed cheese for you Paleo people), then wrap the cheese with a fresh beef patty, then wrap the beef with your favorite bacon.  Minimal carbs, tons of protein, and probably a few too many preservatives from the random meat that comes in hot dogs!

Twinkie Cheese Hot Dog

Twinkie Cheese Hot Dog

Depending on your tastes you will either think this looks amazing or absolutely disgusting.  This hot dog afficianado decided to do something a little creative with the bun as opposed to changing up the way the actual hot dog weiner tastes.  Instead of using your traditional hot dog bun, this chef extraordinaire replaced the buns with twinkies!  He then took the simplistic route and gave each hot dog weiner a small shot of cheese whiz to amp up the flavor. Genius or disgusting? You make the choise.


Lord of the Rings Hot Dog

Lord of The Rings Hot Dog

If the nerd in you just got a little excited I apologize. I'm not talking about the famous books or movies written by J. R. R. Tolkien, I'm referring to the brilliant idea of sticking your weiner inside some mouth watering onion rings.  This hot dog does accomplishes its goal by simply placing some cheese on a bun, then wrapping your hot dog in a number of deep fried delicious onion rings.  For extra carb intake, I suggest a basket of fries on the side.  From what I understand, you can actually buy one of these at Pinks Las Vegas if you were looking to take a Hot Dog inspired vacation.

Chinese Hot Dog

Egg Roll Hot Dog

In the mood for Chinese tonight, but the kids want some good ol' American food.  Why not put your hands together and make this hybrid hot dog.  Take a few slices of American cheese and wrap that hot dog weiner up tight.  Next, grab an egg roll wrapper and twist that cheese dog up really tight.  Throw it in the deep fryer or pan fry that hot dog until it is nice and cooked. Serve with some Teryaki sauce and or Thousand Island dressing.  To die for!

Waffle Hot Dog on a Stick

Waffle Hot Dog

I really have to hand it to the creator of the waffle dog, very creative!  This hot dog is very simple, jab a stick through the hot dog, cover it in waffle batter and throw it in the waffle iron.  Once it is ready, find your favorite dipping condiment and dip away.  Simple but delicious.

Chilli Cheese Hot Dog

Chilli Cheese Deep Fried Hot Dogs

For the health conscious hot dog eaters out there avoiding the carbs, here is another delicious hot dog inspired recipe.  Take some hot dogs and cut them into pieces.  Batter them in your favorite batter and toss them in the deep fryer. Pull those deep fried dogs out and smother them with chilli and freshly grated cheddar cheese.  

The Korean Kimchi and Bulgogi Hot Dog

Korean Kimchi and Bulgogi Hot Dog

I'm honestly suprised more fusion foods don't exist as more times than not mixing outstanding foods from two different ethnic groups turns out to be a small miracle in food land.  Choi Mi-Kyung from New York's Hot Dog and Coffee has come up with an amazing blend of Korean Hot Dog bliss including items on their hot dogs such and Kimchi and beef Bulgogi. If you live in New York you owe it to yourself to check out one of there 189 locations.

JapaDog - Japanese Style Hot Dog

Japadog hot dog

These guys have literally made themselves a name here in Vancouver.  It is not uncommon to have to wait an hour in line to score one of these amazing Japanese inspired hot dogs.  The Japa Dog comes equipped with the following hot dog toppings: Spicy all beef hot dog, cheese, teriyaki sauce, japanese mayo, grilled onions, and seaweed.  

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