If you are having trouble with hot flashes and weight gain, then here is a simple little trick I use, that has helped me, and hopefully will help you!

I have had to revamp my diet, and really take a look at my portion sizes. I am not as active as I was, but do go to the gym and walk as much as I can. But I find with the hot flashes that come with menopause, that I don't get the sleep I need and then it becomes a vicious circle.

Without enough sleep, you will tend to crave more foods especially carbohydrates, for energy to keep going. So, what to do?

Here is one simple trick, that has not only eased my hot flashes, but has also kept me full feeling, and helped with my hunger pangs, and that has helped with my weight loss goals.

Soy milk.

Now before you hit the back button. Try making it this way. Find a brand that is light in fat, there are many out there.. You could get it vanilla flavored or chocolate, but I prefer the plain light version of soy milk, it is less calories. I am not a big fan of it on my cereal or anything like that, as I don't really like the taste on its own. But after going to a local Starbucks once, I came across this drink, they called a "soy mocha latte" that really tasted good, and helped fill me up for few calories.


I came up with my own version. I take a cup or mug of soy milk, and heat it up to steaming in the microwave. I then add one teaspoon of good instant coffee, and a 1/2 teaspoon of hot chocolate mix, or cocoa. I stir it well, then drink it. It tastes rich and creamy and smooth, and in my case, the soy milk I buy is 80 calories per cup. So, it is under 100 calories for this rich tasting warm drink.

But the surprising added bonus, was that my hot flashes began to ease off, I added one more cup of soy milk to my day at breakfast. I cooked oatmeal with it, and it tastes really good. Like I said before, I am not a fan of it plain on its own, but to cook with or to make my soy coffee, it tastes great!

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So, in my case, I discovered that if I had at least two cups of soy milk per day, my hot flashes have all but gone. I know this is the cause, because we went away for a few days, and I didn't have any soy milk. Within 3 days, the hot flashes were coming back.

I have done research on soy, and it has been known to help with menopause symptoms. You can use other soy products, but I myself, like using the milk. I am not sure why it seems more filling than regular cows milk? Whether it has more protein than milk? I am not sure. I just know the results were fantastic for me.

I find, with weight loss, and menopause, that sometimes, you just have to find what works for you. My friend said she couldn't stand the taste of soy milk, but I got her to drink my soy coffee, and she liked it! So, I use this soy milk drink as a treat in the afternoon, along with some of my other 100 calorie snack tricks, to help keep my weight down. I have zero willpower normally, because as soon as I feel hungry I am looking for snacks, but lately, with my soy milk, and other 100 calorie snacks, I have managed to lose weight, but also the added bonus of sleeping through the night. Why not try it?