Halloween 2011

What will you be wearing the next time you say “Trick or Treat?” Well, if you’re looking for a new or unique costume, one that will impress your friends and make you the center of attention at a party, take a look at these hot costumes for 2011.

When it comes to Halloween, every year people become more and more creative and this year is no different. If you’re searching for a Halloween costume that is “hot,” look no further; here is a list of hot Halloween costumes for 2011.

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Hot Halloween Costumes for 2011

Costumes are listed in alphabetical order and not by popularity because after all, they’re all hot!

Archie Comics - Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead

Remember the gang from Riverdale High School? Well, they are all hot costumes this year! Archie is an average American teenage boy with red hair and two girlfriends who are always fighting over him.  Betty is Archie’s sweet and lovable girlfriend, a cute blond, she is “the girl next door” type and everyone loves her. Veronica is Archie’s other girlfriend, a beautiful brunette who is a bit spoiled.  Jughead is Archie’s best friend and his two favorite activities are eating and sleeping. His favorite meal is a hamburger but he never seems to have the money to pay for them.

 Candy Land

Do you remember the game of Candy Land? Choosing cards and moving your pawn through the "magical" road to several sweet destinations such as Cupcake Commons, Lollypop Woods, Ice Place and Ice Cream Slopes, all to get to your final destination, the Candy Castle. Now you can be a walking talking version of this game for Halloween. 

Captain America Men’s Costume

Captain America is a superhero from the 1940s comic strips who has also been the featured character in several movies, including 2011s “The First Avenger Captain America.” Another movie, “The Avengers” is scheduled for release in 2012, so you can wear this costume again next year! 

Dolls - Barbie and Ken

Ken and Barbie have been around for over 50 years and millions of children have played with these dolls. Some kids have even pretended to be Ken or Barbie, and now here's your chance to become the real life version of these iconic dolls. This is the perfect costume for couples or anyone who loves Ken and Barbie. 

Donald Trump

The mogul with the “comb-over,” who stars in the hit television reality show “The Apprentice” and who considered running for President in 2012, but decided against it in order to continue firing people on TV. When you are Donald Trump for Halloween you can run around and say “You’re fired!”

Glee - Sue and Puck Costumes

This well-known Fox TV show about a high school glee club has people everywhere singing. Two popular characters are Sue Sylvester, the “Cheerios” cheerleading coach that everyone loves to hate, and "Puck," Noah Puckerman, a rough and tough football player who disapproves of the glee club but later joins.

Green Lantern Women’s Costume

The 2011 movie about a test pilot who is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe. (Based on the comic strip series).

Harry Potter

With the popularity of the books and the final Harry Potter movie released in 2011, any one of the Potter characters would be a great choice for a costume, but Harry Potter himself, that is the hottest costume of the bunch. 

Hello Kitty

The words 'cute' and 'adorable' are often used to describe Hello Kitty. This feline is popular with teens and preteens alike and even some adults find this kitten irresistible.  For 2011 there are two versions of the lovable cat to choose from.

Justin Bieber

"Baby, baby, baby, oh…" Imagine being Justin Bieber, the pop singer who was discovered on YouTube and is now famous around the world.

Kim Kardashian

You can be the reality television diva who is known for her shapely assets and not much more. She is a popular costume choice this year because of her wedding which was a reality ratings winner. 

Lady GaGa

This famous pop star is known worldwide for her songs and outrageous outfits. She has millions of fans whom she affectionately calls her “Little Monsters.” Are you one? If so, this may just be the costume for you. 

Popeye: Brutus, Popeye, Olive Oyl, and Sweet Pea

Remember Popeye the Sailor Man? He would eat spinach out of a can for strength to keep his love Olive Oyl and baby Sweet Pea safe from his nemesis Brutus.  These are great costumes for the entire family, including the littlest one of the house. 

Prince William and Kate

Millions of people all over the world watched the nuptials of Prince William and Kate; now formally known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It is no surprise that these are two of the hottest consumes for 2011. 

The Royal Family Costume

The Royals

This is a great idea for a group of people, dress-up as the Royal Family. Pick-up some plastic crowns, costume jewelry, and a regal looking outfit, and you can be a member of the Royal Family.

Sock Monkey

A sock monkey is a toy made from socks in the likeness of a monkey. These dolls are so popular they even have their own webpage! Now you can become a life-size version of these adorable dolls!

The Jetsons Women’s Costume

The Jetsons are a space age family who live in a futuristic utopia. The cartoon characters are George; Jane; Judy; Elroy; the family dog Astro; and Rosie, the maid. This Halloween, you can be a real life version of this fun loving family from the 'Sky Pad Apartments.'

Transformers 3 - Bumblebee and Optimus

From the 2011 movie and comic strip are the Transformers 3 characters. 

Tron Legacy - Male and Female Costumes

The lead character from the movie Tron and Tron Legacy would always say "It’s all in the wrists!" Now, you can become one of the characters from the movie Tron Legacy with these 2011 futuristic and sleek costumes.                                        

From Royalty to comic book characters the Hot Halloween costumes for 2011 are truly fun and unique!

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