If you are traveling abroad on vacation and will have a stop in Paris, do not forget to experience their nightlife and visit some of the hottest nightclubs in the city of Love.

If you are looking for the best places to meet singles in Paris, but want to stick with the best reputable and stylish places, where you can meet the right person, look at some of the most popular and trendy nightclubs in Paris.

The Paris nightlife is one of the most alluring and alive, as well as most changing and trendy. Therefore, it is not uncommon to have hot clubs come and go, fall from number one spot, depending on the crowd's moods and whatever club is being favoured at the time. The popular and trendy spot this month may not be the one next month. However, some established clubs have proven to be around for a while, and are still considered trendy and popular with the crowds.

Whether you want to meet other singles or just want some good dancing and fun, these clubs will make for an entertaining night out. If you are looking for romance, looking for that "rencontre," take a look at some of these nightclubs. Whether you are straight, gay, or lesbian, you can find a club in Paris where you can have a good time and have fun.

If you are planning to find your next "rencontre," in Paris, check out these hot clubs.

La Casbah club is located in the neighbourhood of 11eme Arrondissement. You can find a trendy atmosphere and the hottest music. This is a bar and dance club.

At Bus Palladium, dance club, you can find hot music and a stylish atmosphere. You can dance to many music styles such as Pop, Disco, Rap, funk, and much more. It is in the neighbourhood of 9eme Arrondissement.

Another cool club also in the neighbourhood of 11eme Arrondissement, is Barrio Latino, a bar and dance club. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, and you will find and eclectic mix of students as well as office workers. This club closes at 2 am.

Le Queen is a gay and lesbian dance club, and has a reputation for being one of the top places to go. Celebrities and people from the creative art frequent it as well. Besides dancing, it offers drag and strip shows too. It gets crowded, and it is located in the neighbourhood of 8eme Arrondissement.

Another gay/lesbian dance club is Les Bains, and this one is located in the neighborhood of 3eme Arrondissement. This club has been renovated and has exceptional sound equipment. It is one of the top spots for models, artists, Hollywood people, and trendy fashionistas, to be seen. There is a Thai
restaurant upstairs, and the music in the nightclub is hot.

World Place is one of the hottest, trendiest, and entertaining dance clubs in Paris. For your next "rencontre" plan to visit this one which is owned by Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, and John Malkovich. This nightclub is also at 8eme Arrondissement. Also, called Mandala Ray or Man Ray, is a very stylish and notorious hangout. This is a dance club, a lounge, and bar. If you like to
be amongst the most trendy and beautiful people, then this is the spot for you. It has a fine restaurant and the music is one of the best. You can enjoy the bar, dance, or have a delicious Mediterranean dinner in this trendy and modern environment. A favourite of the Jet set crowd.

If you want a funky club, go to Batofar, at 13eme Arrondissement. This club attracts big crowds as it has one of the best music around and the dance floor is hot as well. It also has a bar. The novelty is that it is set on a red lighthouse ship.

If you are looking for a more private and slow atmosphere head out to Le Baron. This is a small and cozy dance club, but also has a few celebrities that visit regularly. It also has great music and a welcoming atmosphere.

One of the hottest and most visited dance clubs is the Rex Club. It has long lines most of the time, but also the best dance music around. This is located in the neighbourhood of 2eme Arrondissement. It has some of the best-known DJ's around.

La Loco ParisLa Loco is the largest Paris nightclub and was a theatre before. It was remodelled into a three-floor dance club, which is very popular, especially amongst Paris visitors. It features some of the best DJ's around and hot music. It is also very spacious. It is located at the Montmartre area.

Le Cab or Cabaret, is a nightclub and restaurant with a glamorous
atmosphere. It is well put together, and the crowds are very fashionable andtrendy, as well as able to afford the pricey food and drinks. Top models and international celebrities frequently visit it, and security is very strict. The vibe is upbeat, but also relaxed.

A very modern club and with the latest techno atmosphere and best DJ's is Mix Club. This nightclub features some of the greatest DJ's who travel worldwide to the hottest spots. This club has the latest in sound equipment and the décor is done with excellent artistic flair and the latest touches. The energetic vibe of the environment attracts crowds.

For your next date or "rencontre" visit some of these hot clubs and find the best music, drinks, food, and entertainment around.