Who wouldn't love a spa treatment after a long hard day at work? A massage? A facial? or even a really nice hot oil treatment for dry hands and a manicure?. Well maybe there is not any room in the budget for the above, but you can make your own right at home, and treat yourself to a spa treatment for pennies.

No need to give it all up, just create a few things yourself, and you can get some of the same effects. You can do this with friends, or just take a afternoon and pamper yourself.

Below is a great recipe to create your very own recipe for dry hands, you will feel the effects of this right away, and then you can carry on with a manicure, and have younger looking hands.

Here is what you will need for soft hand:Hot Oil Treatment for Dry HandsCredit: morguefile.com

2 tablespoons of olive oil (if you don't have any olive oil, you can use another cooking oil, such as canola)

a single Drop of Lavender essential oil - you may not think one drop is very much, but this is very concentrated and you don't need very much. If you get a good quality essential oil, a drop is enough. You can get this from the health food store or online. This is also optional, you don't have to have this, it just creates a great aromatherapy environment which promotes relaxation.

2 small plastic sandwich bags, these need to be able to fit right over your hands.

hand towels to keep any escaping oil from getting on anything.

A place to sit and relax afterwards!


Essential Oils


The first thing you need to do is warm up the oil. You can do this in the microwave for just a few seconds. Remember, you don't want this too hot, the idea is to cure your dry hands not to burn them. A hot oil treatment, works best when the oil is nice and warm not really too hot.

Once you have your oil heated, then add your optional lavender, it will waft nicely into the air, and make you feel relaxed. essential oils

Now take the oil and rub it into your hands, massaging your fingers and fingertips and the backs of your hands.

Once you have your hands totally massaged with the oil (works well around the nail beds too) then get someone to help you if you can, by opening the plastic baggies and putting them over each hand.

Wrap your hands in the clean towel, just to make sure you don't get anything greasy from your  treatment. Dry hands really respond well to this treatment.

Now sit and relax for about 5 minutes. Once you have had this on your hands for 5 minutes, gently take off the towel and the plastic baggies, and then head to the sink and wash your hands with warm water, while massaging the oil away, and then gently dry with the towel and then apply your favorite hand lotion.

This treatment, not only makes your hands feel great, but the rest of you will feel great too. You notice the difference right away in your dry cracked skin, and this really only cost you pennies and a few minutes of your time.

You will want to do this when you can. Many manicure places, will charge 20 dollars and up for this extra treatment. So, why not save yourself the money and do this at home. It is relaxing, and a great way to pamper yourself and it feels great.

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