Some of us may or may not pay attention to what we eat. Some of the dishes we are presented with may be garnished so well and the flavors blending in such that we do not really look at our plates to see what we’re presented with let alone the nutritional facts of the foods we eat. An example of such a food is hot pepper. Aside from them being very hot when eaten they do have a variety of benefits when it comes to our health.

The most abundant chemical found in hot pepper is capsaicin. It has the ability to withstand both extremely hot and cold temperatures and it is stated that the smaller the hot pepper is in size the more capsaicin is found in it. Hot pepper health benefits include them being a natural pain killer. Capsaicin has a role to play in this because it does trigger the release of the hormone endorphin which is a pain killer and also helps in promoting a general sense of feeling good about oneself.
Another that is added to the list of hot pepper health benefits is the fact that they are loaded with vitamin C and A. Additionally; it gives strength to the heart and increases blood circulation within the body. However it is also important to note that if you are to cook these peppers alongside other spices then you are likely to get heart burn or stomach upsets because of the acidity levels. People suffering from ulcers are advised against taking too much hot pepper.

Aside from that hot pepper can turn a very flat dish into something spicy and aromatic. Hot peppers also have antibacterial qualities. This comes about from their having micro-organisms that aid in keeping food fresh even if it hasn’t been kept in the fridge.

Well we do know just how dreadful catching the flu can be what with all the sniffing, fever, joint and muscle aches and chronic fatigue. It would interest you to know that hot pepper does have the ability to reduce if not eliminate some of the stuffiness that you may be feeling. They also help you sweat which is also known to help reduce the severity of the flu.

As contrary as this may sound, another benefit of hot pepper is to heal open wounds. It is known that most topical applications for muscle cramps do contain a form of chili and thus by taking hot pepper and rubbing it over a wound may help in speeding the healing process. Hot pepper also helps with poison ivy rashes. 

This is information that may come in handy. Mix some dried hot pepper with water and apply the mixture directly to the rash. This treatment is said to speed up the disappearance of the rash and reduce the itchiness. It is the practice of some cultures to sniff ground hot pepper up their nostrils because it aids in relieving headaches and sinuses. 

So next time when you're about to take your meal and see that hot pepper on your dish, you know that it will be good for you.
Hot peppers