Hot pink heels are every girl’s best friend; a nice bright pair of shoes can put a sparkle into a dull outfit instantly. You can wear hot pink heels with anything from business attire, to jeans, to something dressy on a night out. Pink is associated with femininity, a woman wearing pink heels exudes grace, simplicity and elegance. A lighter shade of pink is seen as pure and innocent, while a darker shade implies boldness and confidence. Therefore, wearing a nice pair of  hot pink heels will portray your stylish and fashionable side.

As with all colors, pink has a history. Pink has not always been a girls color, during g the 1800’s both boys and girls would wear long white dresses. It was during the 1920’s when the store Macy’s decided to give boys and girls a distinguishable color. Male and female colors didn’t become popular until World War I when soldiers uniforms were blue, and it came to be seen as a masculine color. Pink later became a feminine color in the 1940’s. This idea was further influenced by marketing groups encouraging post war consumer spending, and the crafting of the middle class in the 1950s. In 1951 Barbie became famous; since she was always dressed in pink it reinforced the idea of pink as a feminine color. As you can see the idea process of hot pink heels has come a long way

You should be careful when choosing a pair of hot pink heels, if you are planning a night on the town you can wear any shade of pink, just make sure that the color of your outfit compliments the shade of your shoes. You should pay more attention when wearing business attire, the shade of pink should be closer to red, and wear an item of clothing that is pink or has pink in it such as a shirt. Whatever you wear it should match nicely with your pair of hot pink heels.

As with hot pink heels and normal pink shoes, you should make sure that it matches with your handbag. A common fashion mistake is the mismatch of these two items. There really is no need to be a fashion victim. Handbags are extremely important for the finishing touches of an outfit, and there are a range of different bags that you can purchase. The most important aspect in your choice of bag is the color. The colors that match with pink include black, beige, grey, gold, silver, brown and white. These are all coloring that match perfectly with both hot pink heels and normal shoes.

If you want your hot pink heels to be the center of attention then wear a little black dress. A little black dress works well because it needs a bit of color to jazz it up. A pair of hot pink heels will add a playful touch and create a great look for a party.

You can also compliment hot pink heels with a little white dress. This look is young and fun, creating an ultra feminine color match. You can wear a white dress during the day or the evening, so depending on the type of heels that you have, you can wear your pink heels with an elegant knee length shift dress, or a fashionable mini dress for a night out on the town.

If you want to create a color block, you can choose some shocking bright colors to wear with your hot pink heels. For a shocking mix, team your pink shoes with a bright green or yellow, or a vivid blue or red. Whatever color you chose, you will definitely be the center of attention.

A pair of hot pink heels are not hard to find, most high street and department stores will have them. You can also purchase a pair online, you can opt for a cheap and cheerful pair, or if your budget will allow it, you can choose a top of the range designer pair; these will last a lot longer and will be a lot more comfortable. There are also many different styles  of hot pink heels  that you can purchase, in terms of design you can opt for a plain pair, or go for something a bit more decorative with patterns such as dots and flowers, or with embellishments such as ribbons and bows. You can find some with lace, net and beads attached if you want to be eccentric. There are all different heel sizes; you can opt for a small kitten heel of 2 inches, or the more daring 6 inch platform style. So whether you are penny pincher, or a care free spender, you will find the perfect pair that is just right for your budget, be a style queen and unleash your feminine power in a pair of hot pink heels.

How To Find Cheap Pink Heels

If you love the color pink, and don’t have the money to buy the designer pair that you desire, there are plenty of cheap pink heels that you can purchase. Pink shoes are now extremely fashionable, and you will see many stars sporting them, unfortunately not everyone has superstar money to purchase the exact style you would see your favourite celebrity wearing, not to worry as you can find an alternative.

When we mention the word cheap, it is only the price that is being referred to as you can find an equally good quality pair of shoes at a low price, especially if you are a bargain hunter. The first place that you should start to look is online; there are a number of benefits associated with shopping online. Firstly, you have access to millions of online stores worldwide at the click of a button. You don’t have to spend hours on end walking from shop to shop, and then feeling disappointed when you don’t find what you are looking for. You can sit in the comfort of your own home and compare prices, deals and bargains. If you see different styles of cheap pink heelsand you are not sure which style to chose, you can purchase all of them, if you decide that there are some that you don’t like, simply put them back into the box and send them back. Another benefit of shopping online is that your products are delivered to your door, this not only saves you time, but it saves you money on transportation costs such as gas or buses, and we are all affected by the high gas prices these days. One major convenience is that you can shop when you want because online stores never close; they are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days of the year, convenience at its best.

While shopping online for a pair of cheap pink heels, you can also find the perfect outfit to go with it. Again you will have plenty of different stores to spend time browsing in until you have found what you are looking for.

Not everyone likes to shop online, some people like the personal experience of going into a store and being able to touch the products that they are about to purchase, some like to be able to try the items on there and then without having to wait for them to arrive in the post. There are some people who simply don’t like the idea of providing their credit care details online.

There are still plenty of options, you can wait for the sales when many of the prices in stores are slashed to as low as half price, you can shop in charity or thrift stores. Even though many of these items are second hand, there are a lot of very nice products if you spend time looking.

Though it is true that any woman can purchase a pair of pink shoes, not every outfit or accessory is going to be the correct match so you must ensure that you team your outfit correctly with your pink shoes. If you have a formal party to go to, you can wear a knee length black dress with a pink belt to wear as an assessory. You can enhance the look with pink blusher, and light red lipstick.

As long as you chose the right clothes, no one has to know that you have chosen to wear a pair of cheap pink heels. The right outfit can make a pair of shoes look expensive even if it is casual; why not wear a crisp white t-shirt with a fitted pair of blue jeans. You can tie your hair back and wear a minimal amount of makeup. If your shoes are in the style of sandals, you can lace a coat of pink over your toenails. This look is great if you are just hanging out with friends going to the mall or out to lunch. If you want to go for a sexier look, you can wear a nice mini skirt with a pink top to match the shoes.

You should keep in mind that if you decide to wear a pair of pink shoes, people will notice you because of the bright color, people may even stare. Even though they are in fashion, pink shoes are not the norm, but what you will often find is that, women who chose to wear such attention grabbing attire are usually extremely confident, and bold enough to make a fashion statement that turns heads.