Bring Your Room to Life

Red is confident, rich and bold and decorating a room with red is sure to raise your spirits, banish the blues and inspire passion. The first step when deciding to use the sassy color of red in your decorating scheme, is to decide if you want the look to be cheerful or forceful. For a more subtle, enlivening look, go for red accents in throw cushions, candles or floor rugs. If you want to make a big, audacious statement and show how fearless you are, then red needs to be a pronounced and a fundamental part of the room furnishing, or paint work, or both. It simply depends on how much red you, dare to bare.

Victorian Drama

Red is more than suitable for a Victorian style decorating scheme, as red can be melodramatic and intense. To achieve the Victorian look, a darker, richer red would be required, combined with  heavy silk, or velvet drapes to enhance darkness and shadowy corners. Carved or marble-topped tables, an ornate fireplace, lamps for soft lighting and book cases, add extra ambience.

Red Victorian RoomCredit: Flickr Tony L Wong

Red embossed wall paper and reproductions of classic art can add class, mystery and drama.

Dramatic RoomCredit: Flickr jonseidman1988

Red for Passion

Bedrooms can be a wonderful place to lavishly use red, to create a haven away from the worries and hassles of everyday life. A red bedroom can also promote inspiration and passion.

A Red Room for RoyaltyCredit: Flickr Foxtongue



A simple and modern room can suddenly gain a beating heart of character and intensity with red.

Modern Passionate RedCredit: Flickr Sara Ackerman


Modern Red Rooms

Decorating with red is energizing, stimulating and exciting, but never boring. Red makes a statement of confidence, it affirms you are alive and it can also be very modern. 

Red is ModernCredit: Flickr by frischmilch





Red In The Kitchen

How about kitchen cupboards of red to create a vibrant room with energy and pizzazz at the heart of the house.

A Red KitchenCredit: Flickr Sara Ackerman

A Red Fantasy

Create rooms which are fanciful and imaginative, allow the fiery passion of red to take you away from everyday life. Enter a world of imagination; your very own flight of fancy.

Fanciful PlacesCredit: Flickr uggboy ugggirl


Perhaps select a magic red carpet, which speaks of luxury, and yet is bold and welcoming.

Paradise of RedCredit: Flickr uggboy ugggirl


There is no doubt that red is bold, it is not a colour for the shy and introspective. Red says "hey look at me" and "here I am". Red can make you feel happiness, love, cheeriness or passion. Red also can make you think of berries and ripe fruit, courage and triumph.

You can mix red in with neutral colour schemes in order to highlight a room, or you can be bold and daring and go red all the way. If you wish to bring drama and theatre to a room, then red can oblige here also, as it is the perfect foil to shadowy corners and darkened rooms.

Red can bring about a wonderful and exciting space, and it is certainly never boring.