So you've bought a hot tub, had it installed and are enjoying it. Yet still you ask what now? Well there are all kinds of upgrades you can purchase to help customize your new or old hot tub. For starters there are lots of underwater lights that can be added.

The final product turning your hot tub it a light show that will captivate those inside and out. There are several different types of lights you can find. The first is a halogen which runs on a normal 110 volt light bulb, similar to those in swimming pools. They do make lights that change color automatically.

The next option would be LED lighting. These are a composite of LED bulbs installed within one light. They offer a wide variety of colors and users can change the colors and the frequency of which they change as they see fit.
hot tub
The third option available for those customizations their hot tubs is fiber optic lighting. Depending on the power of light you're using makes for a more powerful effect. They can be installed safely inside and out and you can even find synchronized fiber optic lighting for extra effect.

You should always make sure you have a licensed electrician install any extra lighting or upgrades to your hot tub. It's a well known fact water is conductor of electricity and the effects of poorly installed customizations could be fatal.

If your hot tub is out doors you might want to get a pavilion like structure for your hot tub to rest under. They come in many shapes and forms. If you have one that is fully enclosed it can act almost as a sauna as well, trapping all the heat inside.

Other simpler versions can be made of wood and just provide a roof over your head to protect you and your hot tub from the elements. If you are inclined at all in architecture this is your chance to be creative and make something unique of your own for your hot tub and its dwellers to rest enjoy.

If you have a pool, find a creative way to connect the two for easy access. Of course there are places that offer all types of small floatable toys and blow up toys to have in your hot tub for added enjoyment. Small wind up motorized toys that will swim around, even plastic cards made for playing card games in the water using a floatable table.

There are all kinds of things out there to spice up your hot tub experience. Certain customizations for comfort such as steps for getting in and out, hand rails, cushion seats, aroma therapy additives, waterfalls, built in radio or CD player. Depending on what hot tub you choose you will most likely have a choice of what you want the exterior look to be.

If you get it home and installed and you're still not satisfied, you can always build a shell for it out of brick, choice stone or wood. Or you can sink your hot tub into the ground and build have a nice frame built around the top. I would prefer to rely on my own creativity and come up with something completely new and unique. Something I know no one else has sitting in their back yard or porch.