Variety is the spice of life and this year Valentines Day should be CALIENTE! Let's throw caution to the wind this year and give our loves' a gift they are sure to remember. $25.00 is the target price and I have five gifts ready to spice up your love life.

Photo-Opoly $19.48

PhotoOpolyThis twist on an old favorite is brought to you by Amazon. Photo-Opoly is exactly like the game of old with some surprising spin. This game is completely customizable. Choose 22 of your favorite photos and create a game to play together on Valentine's Day. Time to get out those old photos and get creative. What about the playing cards? You can choose from 100 pre-printed titles or make up your own. Be bold, I dare you.

Melt $15.00

MeltThis product reminds me why finger painting is fun. This gift is brought to you from Victoria's Secret, and it's meant to reveal them all. This gift is fat free so there are no excuse's for not having dessert before dinner. On second thought, you might want to save this gift until the end of the night. My bet is that once he see's this you won't be going out.

Risque Business $16.00

Risque BusinessTest your partners carnal knowledge with this fun, fact filled, game about your favorite pastime. This delightful creation is brought to you by Uncommon Goods. Place a wager so you both have an incentive to win, and let the games begin. Learn some things about the art of love, and your partner that you didn't know. Studying is better when you do it with someone else right? Keep the score pad handy so you know who deserves the A+.

Pantygram $24.95

pantygramCapture his attention this Valentines Day with a gift that leaves nothing to the imagination. This gift is from This gift is fully customizable. These heart shaped thongs are sealed in a black envelope complete with a gold card. The gold card comes with a chosen message (from mild to wild) and a user name and password. Your guy will have to go online to retrieve the rest of his message. You see it's a gift and a tease. Send the gift to him at his office for a little extra suprise.

Weekend of Love Kit $24.00

weekend of loveThere really aren't enough hours in Valentine's Day, and this gift proves that. Whether you are planning a weekend away, or a special night in, make sure you grab this gift. Sometimes the best presents are ones that shock the senses. With this gift you are sure to find out if it is better to give than receive.

Giving a gift like these will make sure he never forgets the Valentine's Day you spent together. I would imagine(or, I wont) that it will be pretty unforgettable for you to. Put the spark back into your relationship where it belongs and commit to giving a hot gift for Valentine's Day.