The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks toys is one of the race tracks that seems to be in every sales catalog these days. The idea of racing cars all over the walls of your house is something that both children and parents can get into.


The tracks are basic and come in different sets. The great thing is that you can purchase one of the Wall Tracks sets and then add on to it later down the road. There are many options and fun takes on this basic idea of a race track.


How Does It Work


The idea is fairly basic. This is your regular Hot Wheels race track. However, you use the 3m tape strips that come with the set to secure it to any wall that you would like. Customer reviews do mention that you are going to want to purchase some extra 3m strips. The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks can come loose from the wall if pulled on.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter Set
Credit: Amazon

Wall Tracks Starter Set

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Starter set is the one that most people start out by buying. It has a lot of track and a cool loop to keep children entertained without having to worry about purchasing extras right away.


Some of the features of this particular race track are a diverter switch, flap ramp, a drop ramp and of course the loop. There are many ways that this particular track can be setup. When you add the other sets on it can give you a mind blowing game system.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower
Credit: Amazon

Hot Wheels Power Tower

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Power Tower is one of the other top selling sets of this line.  This set does include one Hot Wheels cars and lots of track to be attached to the wall with the 3m tapes.


The key focus of this toy is the motorized elevator. It moves the cars up to the top of the race track so that the play can continue. When the car reaches the top and it is released onto the track, there are multiple fun elements that it can experience.

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks
Credit: Amazon

Daredevil Curve Track Set

Any racer knows that one of the most one adventures to be had is going around Daredevil Curve. Hot Wheels has brought this to their Wall Tracks toys. This set does include a car like the other ones does. It is really a fun set that can be added on to the starter set with the instructions that come with it.


Hot Wheels Wall Tracks is a top selling toy for a reason. It combines the love of Hot Wheels cars and racing with the ingenuity to get everything up off the floor and onto the wall. This is truly a new way of thinking when it comes to children’s toys.


The demand for this toy is already gaining momentum so you are going to want to make sure that you order yours online today!


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