Offer a breakfast buffet menu to your guests and they will love you for it. You can do a hot or cold breakfast buffet. Menu choice is wide and you will find a wide range of breakfast buffet foods to suit anyone.

Whether you have people staying overnight at home, or whether you run a small hotel, a breakfast buffet menu is easier than you think and really makes an impression on your guests.

Breakfast menus tend to be lighter than dinner menus and smoked fish is traditional breakfast item you might not have thought of. Make sure your menu contains carbohydrate in the form of bread, cereal, rice or potato, as well as a wide range of colors and textures. It is always a great idea to include fresh fruit salad, it is so easy to make and guests may want it after the other items to cleanse their palates.

The cold breakfast buffet menu is easier to manage, because you do not need to worry about keeping food hot, food drying out or bacterial growth if the food is kept warm for more than an hour or so.

Cold Breakfast Buffet Menu

The cold breakfast buffet items have been divided into 3 groups, fish, meat and vegetarian, for ease of use. The best cold breakfast buffet menus have the widest possible range of items and include items from all three of the recipe groups.

Fish-based Cold Breakfast Buffet Menu

Smoked Salmon - Buy a side of pre-sliced smoked salmon

Smoked Trout - Smoked trout is a smaller fish (trout size) and will need to be sliced before serving

Smoked Mackerel - Smoked mackerel is more oily than trout or salmon. It is best cut into pieces,lengthwise before serving

Rollmops - Rollmop (pickled) herrings are available from any delicatessen, just drain and serve

Kedgeree - Cook rice and leave to cool. Poach smoked haddock in a little milk for about 4 minutes. Leave to cool. Steam frozen peas and sweet corn for 1 minute. Leave to cook. Hard boil eggs. Leave to cool, shell and slice lengthwise into halves. Mix the peas, sweet corn and rice together, add the smoked haddock. Arrange the halved hard-boiled eggs on top. Delicious with tomato ketchup.

Meat-based Cold Breakfast Buffet Menu

Sliced meats - Include salami, ham, beef, German-type sausage

Cold sausages - Use cocktail sausages

Crispy cold bacon rashers - Best to use streaky bacon, broiled until the fat turns brown and crispy

Quiche - Everyone's favorite. Make the family's favorite or buy some from the deli.

Vegetarian-based Cold Breakfast Buffet Menu

Sliced cheeses - Best to use pre-sliced cheese for appearances' sake

Egg Casserole - Fry any combination of mushrooms, peppers, onions, cooked potatoes. Put the vegetables into an oven proof dish and pour beaten eggs over it. Add cheese and bake for 25 minutes. Leave to cool. Add crispy bacon and you can use it for committed meat eaters.

Tortilla/Omelette - As above but cook in a frying pan. Tortilla has mainly potatoes in it. Omelettes are lighter, with fewer heavy vegetables. Leave to cool before cutting into slices. Add sliced sausage or crispy bacon for meat eaters.

Humus - Buy it from the deli and add flavorings to it, such as sweet chilli sauce or fresh herbs

Tomatoes - Halve vine tomatoes, leave cherry tomatoes whole, slice beef tomatoes

Stuffed peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms - Fry onions, peppers and mushrooms together. Cook brown or white rice. Blend the vegetables into the cold rice. Stuff the peppers, tomatoes and mushrooms with the mixture. Top with grated cheese. Bake for 35 minutes

Baked Butternut Squash Strips - Slice a butternut squash into strips. Spread the strips out on a large baking tray and cook in a hot oven for about 15 minutes or until the edges start to go brown

Fruit - Use any combination of seasonal fresh fruit. Leave the fruit whole

Brown bread - Make traditional Irish brown soda bread, either from your own recipe or from a packet of bread mix

Fruit salad - Slice seasonal fresh fruit, including strawberries (for color), oranges, kiwis, peaches, grapes and pears. Add apple juice or mixed juices to make the consistency right.

Crusty rolls - The best and freshest rolls you can find or bake, serve still warm from the oven.

Hot Breakfast Buffet Menu

You can, of course, offer a combined menu made up of any items from hot and cold breakfast menus.

Kippers - Traditional British dish of smoked herring. They are best grilled, outside because the smell is very powerful

Egg casserole - Put cooked sausage and crispy bacon in an oven-proof dish. Pour a beaten egg and milk mixture over the cooked meats. Top with shredded cheese.Bake in the oven for 30 minutes

Kidneys - Halve lambs' kidneys lengthwise and fry for about 6 minutes.

Kedgeree - See Recipe above, but serve hot

Smoked haddock - Poach smoked haddock or smoked cod in a little milk for 4-5 minutes. Remove just before serving and serve piping hot.

Scrambled eggs - Add butter to saucepan. Beat a mixture of eggs and milk (3:1 by volume eggs to milk) Pour into the pan with the melted butter. DO NOT stir. After 1 minute, ease the solidified mixture away from the pan bottom using a fish slice or spatula. Let fresh liquid egg go underneath the set egg. The idea is not to disturb the scrambled egg very much at all. Put into a serving dish while still slightly undercooked because it will carry on cooking while it stands.

Poached eggs - Drop eggs into a pan of boiling water. Remove them after about 2 minutes, once the whites have set.

Toast - Get that toaster going

Sausages - Best broiled, but if you can do them in the oven to save stress. They need about 30 minutes

Mushrooms - Fried, poached or micro-waved, is totally up to you

Hash browns - Follow the packet instructions. If you make your own, then you know how to cook them

Potato wedges - Follow the packet instructions. If you make your own, then you know how to cook them