bedding fashions

Fashion bedding comes in many styles.

The latest in bedding trends seem to be using new, lighter and more eco-friendly fabrics heaped on beds in multiple layers. The layered look is inviting and cozy. It's also practical since it can be peeled back to suit changing needs.

Start a layered look with a mattress cover for protection. Follow with a featherbed cover. This will help sleep comfort by relieving pressure points. Make sure your mattress cover and featherbed cover both have channel-box stitching to keep the filling from shifting and becoming lumpy. Follow up with sheets.

Look for interesting, bio-degradable fabrics that are not only soft, but are processed using eco-friendly production methods. You will find soft sheets in organic cottons (eco-Egyptian cotton high thread count being the smoothest), bamboo-carbon (yes the bamboo is actually dried and heated!), eco-polyester and fabrics based on seaweed and crushed seeds. Many of these fabrics are hypoallergenic as well as being more ecological. Some are even softer to the touch than the more commonly used materials.

Next come the comforters or quilts that are available in any style, design, texture or color you can imagine. Atop the comforter, pile layers of colorful pillows. You can use an assortment of small throw pillows, large, long or rounded pillows or a mix of different shapes and sizes.

As to patterns, the latest trends offer realistic retro, graphic prints, and handmade-looking comforters and quilts. Basic neutrals are always in but there are more bright, bolder colors sparkling up the latest palettes. Another new trend is for bedding to follow the seasonal changes in color and pattern rather than matching room colors.

Make sure the patterns or colors follow the feel of the room. Although colors and patterns do not have to match, a general flow with the theme -- whether it is a textural, colorful, location, or even just a psychological theme like being restful or playful -- will make the whole room feel more comfortable.

A final layer to accent the hot trend in fashion bedding is using a throw. A throw can be a folded cover, a decorative piece of fabric or even a long scarf draped across the bed.

Have fun working with bedding fashions. Like most fashions these days, it's okay to break rules and to mismatch designs every now and then. You can handle designing bedding in layers to create many different effects. So long as the look is hot to you, use it. After all, this is your home and your bedding fashion design and you need to like it!