fashion handbag

Handbag photo by Budda, courtesy of Dreamstime

A major part of creating a fashion statement for women is choosing the right handbag. For decades it has been vital to select the 'right accessory'. But for most women, their handbag, purse -- or pocketbook as some still call it -- is much more than just a trendy fashion statement. It is a way to carry around all those necessities we need or may need in the greater world out there!

The coming year is showing bags that are a little more sophisticated and structured than the more floppy styles of the past few years. They come in large and small sizes and many sport accents with chains and studs. Large spaces that are easy to get at and pockets for little items make these bags more organized.

Just like in other areas of fashion, organic, faux, and recycled materials are gaining favor. Faux suede is soft and realistic but easier to care for and some makers are using more biodegradable materials. Lots of shiny polyvinyl is showing up in designs, too. Most of these materials are easier to maintain needing nothing but a little damp, soapy buffing or window cleaner to bring them back looking like new.

Designers like Beijo are mixing materials so you might find faux suede mixed with bands of shiny poly vinyl. One designer, Ashley Watson is showcasing handbags artistically hand-crafted from recycled leather quarried from thrift store items! Colors are bright and bold and there is no need to make exact matches with coordinated wardrobes. Metalics are still very fashionable and textures are very 'in'. Some blues are greyed down, camel is popular and there are neutrals and earth tones sprinkled among the bright colors. Carry the color you like and make it something that adds spark to your outfit.

Remember, handbags, like most other aspects of fashion these days, do not have to be carefully color coordinated with your outfit any more. If you find a handbag you really like, but it doesn't have the 'sparkle' you like, you can even consider applying rhinestones yourself to make it more glamorous. So look for the style that suits your personality and a shape and construction that will give you useful service. Then match these considerations with the hot new styles on show in womens designer handbags and you'll end up loving your handbag and taking it everywhere with you!