The hotel industry forms an integral part of Vancouver’s economy. Not only are hotel jobs varied in their distribution and pay, they also provide people with different skills a chance to work in a supportive environment. Most hotels treat their employees as one large family, and it is no surprise that many employees choose to spend a large part of their career working for a particular hotel or company. So what are the real benefits to you for working a hotel job in Vancouver?Hotel Vancouver Fairmont

1. Higher Than Average Wages:

Most hotels in Vancouver are located in the downtown core, which means that they pay above average wages to their employees to compensate for the higher cost of living in the downtown core. If you live outside of the downtown area, you can take advantage of Vancouver’s wonderful public transit system to commute into work and reap a higher than average wage for your labour.

2. Great Benefits:

Most hotels will give their employees medical and dental benefits after a certain work period, usually lasting up to six months. In addition, most large hotels in Vancouver have a separate employee who is devoted to the health and wellbeing of the staff in the hotel. This individual will plan events for the staff in order to inform them about various health issues and also serves as an advisor for health related issues.

3. Great Atmosphere:

As mentioned previously, most hotels treat all of their staff as one large family. Because employees rely on each other for so much in the industry, they quickly form a bond that transcends age, gender and ethnicity. Managers are also quite supportive of their staff, both from an ethical perspective and due to the fact that it is much easier to retain and retrain an existing employee than it is to hire a new one.

If you are interested in working at a hotel in Vancouver, you have a few options. Going to tourism school is a good option for someone looking to break into the industry as hotels put strong emphasis on education and qualifications. Tourism colleges in Vancouver all offer their students placements in hotels, who likewise offer positions over the summer season to students.

Marriott Pinnacle Vancouver HotelFor those that cannot or chose not to go to school, there is still hope of getting a job in a hotel in Vancouver. Hotels in downtown Vancouver usually have a hiring day once a week, with the majority of hotels having this day fall on a Tuesday. Your best bet to finding out when a particular hotel’s hiring day is to simply go to each hotel and ask so you prepare for the allotted time slot.

When you figure out what day and time each hotel holds their open interview session, prepare your resume, cover letter and practice what you will say when you interview with the Human Resources department. Be prepared to go through multiple interviews before you are confirmed as an employee.