Hotel Management Degree Online as a Career Path

Have you ever thought about Hotel Management as a career path? And if you have, do you know that there are many institutions now that offer this degree online. These are not watered down quickie courses, but complete programs that provide a mixture of traditional content and specialized courses but are packaged for online delivery. One would take standard courses such as math, history, government, languages, science, economics, composition and accounting. In addition, one will take specialized courses in hospitality areas such as food and restaurant management, advertising, lodging, operations, and recreation management. These degrees provide practice in skills that are applicable to many careers in the hospitality industry, including lodging, dining, entertainment and management. These courses are taught online. So what is the difference between this course of study and training and a more traditional approach? First off, you will note that the content is virtually the same. It is the delivery system that differs.

The traditional courses are bound by space and time and the online courses are not. For example, in a traditional course you would have a schedule in real time that required you to meet a class in a certain building in a certain room and this class would exist in a particular city and in a specific state and in a specific country. Not so with the online class! Here you could travel the world and still maintain your standing in the online class. Your entire course is digitally stored in your laptop, so as long as you have your laptop with you or you can gain access to a computer, you can keep up with your courses.

How does this work? How can a computer function as a medium for organizing and delivering a course? Well, when students first sign onto the class, they will see a monitor that is subdivided into color coded panels. The first panel they will encounter is Announcements. In Announcements, they will find messages from the administration explaining registration procedures for the next round of classes, policy statements on late work, on plagiarism, on the instructor's office hours, and so forth.

The Schedule of Weekly Assignments for Online Hotel Management

To the left of the monitor at about mid page, one will find buttons linking one to lectures, assignments and evaluation. The assignment is to be completed during the week, but since this is an asynchronous class, the work will be collecting all week. The criteria of acceptable performance in each course is given in the form of a rubric with each assigned task being assigned a certain weight.

As we move down the screen, we will note a button at the bottom of the monitor labeled Problems and Solutions. Here a student can post for the benefit of the class, any new discoveries they have made that they wish to share. The online course seeks to draw students out and to have them work cooperatively with one another. In the center of the screen, we will see a link called Ask the Professor. Here a student may ask any question of the instructor that is relevant to the course and the instructor will respond in 24 hrs. Then there is the link labeled Dialogue Streaming. Here the instructor will pose a question or prompt and the students will respond. Their answers are public, so the other students get the benefit of their answers. The instructor will ask other students to respond to the initial student's response and so forth. Sometimes the instructor will piggyback on a student's response. This panel is at the very heart of the course, for it promotes interaction. Then there is the grading system. Here an electronic record of student performance is kept. The grades are kept for objective tests and for class participation. The student and the instructor can access these grade averages at any time. The student's record of attendance is also calculated electronically. These records are very useful in counseling the student. They also serve as a basis of settling disputes over grades wherein the instructor and student are in conflict. In extreme cases, a dean may be called in and even legal representation may on rare occasions be present. But these are rare cases.

The Function of Email in Online Hotel Management

It is understandable that a student may wish to keep the discussion of his class standing a private matter. In this case, the use of email will do the job. But one must remember to click on the private conversation button. Otherwise the other students will share in the conference. The email button is located at the top right of the screen.

There is a link to Student Lounge that is very useful in providing a relaxing setting and a place where students can informally share their experiences. This section is a non graded one. The purpose is to increase bonding of student with student. Many times students will gain friendship and support from peers and these relationships will continue throughout their academic careers and beyond.

What is essential for a student to master in taking an online class is familiarity with the platform the college is using. Many schools use blackboard, but some use e-college and still others have their own system. This must be mastered along with the knowledge and skills of the course itself. So, the student essentially has two learning curves to negotiate. Navigation from one link to another is at the heart of the course. If the student does not know how to perform this function, then they will be at a disadvantage. Fortunately, there are links to tutorials to help the student. There are links to tutorials on APA (American Psychological Association) and to the use of, and to grammar and navigation strategies. One can arrange for live tutoring also. The online library is essential for most online projects. Here, you may conduct searches, and it is all at your fingertips; one does not have to bury oneself in academic catacombs, looking for the correct stack. For example, it would be easy to access general references such as accredited onlne bachelor degrees.

The adjunct faculty member stuck teaching college students in a physical college classroom should make the effort to master the functions of a personal computer in order to acquire multiple adjunct faculty jobs online. The reason this is important for individuals with earned graduate degrees, a master's degree or Ph.D., is because it is possible to teach many more online college classes with the aid of distanced education technology. A traditional adjunct faculty professor is limited to only those post-secondary academic institutions within driving distance. An online teaching schedule can contain as many as ten to twelve online college courses at once. This many online classes with various accredited online bachelor degree programs and accredited online master's degree programs will generate considerable online adjunct income throughout the calendar year.