Hotel Ranking
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When it’s time to take a trip out of town or just a quick getaway nearby, most people want to get the most for their money.  The first part of planning the trip is deciding what hotel you will be staying in and what amenities they offer.  Because you don’t have time to personally go and view each hotel in your destination area; most folks have come to depend on the hotel ranking, but what are the requirements.

Trying to figure out the difference between a one star and a four star hotel can be daunting.  The criterion for each rating is so diverse; that you may find yourself totally confused.  This article will try to lend some understanding to the process of Hotel Rankings from a travel reviewer’s perspective; let’s take a look at a breakdown of each requirement.

One Star Hotel-This will be an economy hotel; which is usually not a part of a chain.  The only requirement at this ranking is to provide sleeping accommodations and a bathroom.  In my experience you never know what you’re going get with a one star.  It could smell like smoke, be filthy, and have a bug problem or worse.   These are considered to be no frills hotel.  Sometimes if based on travelers reviews, these can have poor customer service or cleanliness issues.  If you are looking for a comfortable vacation spot; a one star may not be the place to stay.

Two Star Hotel-This hotel is a step up from the no name one star.  These are usually hotels like Motel 6 or the Red Roof Inn.  They are still economical, but may offer extras like a continental breakfast and cable.  They are normally clean and have swimming pools on site.  These chain hotels are the lower end of hotel chain accommodations.  These still tend to get poor ratings by travelers due to being old, in need of paint or uncomfortable beds.   They will however, provide basic needs to the vacationer.

Three Star Hotel-Hotels that have this ranking are required to be a bit more upscale; think Courtyard Marriott or Four Points Sheraton.  They offer nice amenities and will usually have a restaurant on site.  These will usually have free internet and some form of breakfast in the morning for a price.  You will also have extras like a fitness center and premium cable channels.  When reviewed by travelers they are normally known for good customer service, clean rooms, and a good breakfast or restaurant.

Four Star Hotel-What will get your attention about this type of hotel is the requirement to provide luxurious accommodations.  This hotel will have valet parking, beautiful rooms, one or more restaurants on site, and concierge service.  The hotel may be in a great area around activities to make your stay more pleasurable.  Some even have a transport service to truly let you relax.  Their fitness rooms are usually top of the line and they may even have a spa on site.  The one thing to be careful about with these types of hotels is the hidden fees.  An example of this could be a $30 charge for valet parking and a $15 per day internet charge.  These types of hidden cost can quickly add up.  Room service is usually available, but at a premium, so keep this in mind. Travelers reviewing this hotel will often tout all the good things about it, but also bemoan the additional costs.

Five Star Hotel-This hotel is required to offer the top of the line services and accommodations.  Think the Waldorf Astoria or the Ritz Carlton and that should give you a great idea of what will be in store.  These hotels have spared no expense on their accommodations.  Everything they offer is first class to include restaurants, fitness centers, spas and personal services.  Travelers rating these hotels talk about the amazing room designs, the outstanding and personal customer service.  There is someone at your beck and call twenty four hours a day. 

These hotel ranking requirements don’t encompass everything, but it gives you a good idea of what to expect.   When the time comes to plan your next excursion just remember, the star ratings used here in the United States have no standard across the travel sites or agencies.  This means you have to use your common sense and the best information that you have available.  Look at the star ratings and the traveler’s reviews and you are sure to get great insight into any hotel you are thinking of staying in.