I often travel during the course of my job. It is not unusual for me to leave on a Monday morning not to return again until Friday evening. Soon after I began traveling I was offered to joining a hotel rewards program.  When I asked what this program included the clerk behind the desk explained to me that I will be issued a card that will have my membership number on it. Each time I check into a hotel belonging to this chain I give them my membership card and then they credit me points for the stay.

I belong to several different hotel reward programs now, but at that time I was checking into a Comfort Inn. The clerk explained to me that I would earn 10 points for every dollar I spend on staying at the hotel. I went on about my business and stayed in Choice hotels quite often. It was a few years later when I was up in Wisconsin for the day with my family when I had a blow out on a trailer tire.

It was 7 pm before I finally got back up and running again. By this time I was exhausted and didn't feel like fishing or driving home. My wife suggested that I use some of my rewards points and we spend the evening in a hotel. I called the number on the back of my Choice Privileges Rewards Program card and they told me that there was a Comfort Suites Hotel right in the next town. I told them that I had been a member for several years and never redeemed any points before. She told me that she knew that by looking at my account and asked me if I would like to be upgraded to a jacuzzi room for no additional charge.  I ended up staying there for a total of three nights on my rewards points and my entire family really enjoyed themselves on this spontaneous vacation.

Once you join the Choice Privileges Program you will begin to accumulate points. As you accumulate, you will move up levels, as you move up levels you will get more privileges such as a complimentary newspaper, exclusive member offers, and a special customer service number.

There is no reason why you should not join one of these programs if you are a frequent traveler.